Ginkgo Leaf  Pendant
Ginkgo Leaf  Pendant
Ginkgo Leaf  Pendant
Ginkgo Leaf  Pendant
Ginkgo Leaf  Pendant
Ginkgo Leaf  Pendant
Ginkgo Leaf  Pendant
Ginkgo Leaf  Pendant
Ginkgo Leaf  Pendant
Ginkgo Leaf  Pendant

Ginkgo Leaf Pendant

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About our Ginkgo Leaf Pendant 

One of our bestselling pieces of all time, this Handmade Ginkgo Leaf pendant is an elegant and powerful symbol of Resilience, Healing & Longevity.

Utterly touchable with a comforting weight, this one-of-a-kind pendant is sure to capture your imagination with its simple, elegant lines. Wear it with a crisp white blouse and jeans, or a more formal dress -  this pendant shines no matter what you pair it with and will attract all the right kind of energy and attention wherever you go. 

Using traditional lost wax casting methods, this Ginkgo leaf pendant was cast from a hand selected leaf from a Ginkgo tree near the famous steam clock in Vancouver’s iconic Gastown, perfectly capturing the exquisite details of this highly revered tree.

Incredible quality & craftsmanship - this beautiful nature jewelry is intended to be handed down for generations to come.

Product Details & Materials:

Width: 42mm
Height: 38mm

Available in Sterling Silver or Golden Bronze 
18 inch Sterling Silver or 14k gold filled Chain

Bonuses Included with your Ginkgo Leaf pendant

-Each piece comes gift wrapped 
-Includes a unique Elemental Storycard outlining the symbolism of the piece. (full deck available here)

Morning Moon Nature Jewelry
 - extraordinarily handmade nature jewelry featuring actual textures from the wild, using only the finest materials. Available in either Sterling Silver or Golden Bronze, experience how our expertly handcrafted heirlooms-in-the-making will delight your senses.


What is the symbolism of wearing a Ginkgo Leaf Pendant Jewelry?

Scientific Name: Ginkgo biloba

Ginkgo Symbolism: Wear a Ginkgo leaf pendant for Resilience, Healing & Longevity.

The Wise Elder Ginkgo trees are considered symbols of enduring love and hope as they can live for thousands of years. Ginkgo (sometimes spelled gingko) has a botanical history spanning 270 million years making it the world’s oldest surviving tree species.

One of Ginkgo’s hallmarks is its remarkable resistance to disease and stress. Considered by many to possess miraculous regenerative healing powers, and symbolic of hope and love, Ginkgo is often associated with longevity & resilience.

Read more about Ginkgo.

How to care for your Ginkgo Leaf pendant

Visit our simple and easy care Instructions for detailed instructions on how to care for your new Handmade Nature Jewelry

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