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July BirthStone Alternative Jewelry

This morning, I was thinking about all of you - imagining where you are in the world and what you're doing. And I had this little daydream about you finding little shells on the beach, on your beach adventures. And then it reminded me I wanted to talk to you about starfish, the BirthElement for July (our BirthElements are alternatives to birthstone jewelry)

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Starfish Meaning - what does wearing Starfish Jewelry Mean?

Have you ever wondered if there is a special meaning behind wearing starfish jewelry? There is!  And I am going to tell you a little bit about the hidden meaning of starfish jewelry I want to share some things with you about what it means to wear starfish jewelry. First of all, I'm really proud of this whole nature jewelry collection. In a world where I feel like everybody is in this kind of nosedive to create the most profit possible - to make things with as little work and materials as possible, I am honoured to create something different. Jewelry with meaning, made with love and respect for the earth, the materials and YOU the customer.  We don't 'do...

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that feeling when you give the perfect gift

To give someone that you love a gift that is truly special, one that shows them that you put great thought and care into it is perhaps one of the most deeply satisfying experiences we can give ourselves. It lights up our hearts the way few other things can. You know that feeling I am talking about. 

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