Find your dream Nature Jewelry in Vancouver on Granville Island

Upcoming Granville Island Market Dates

Find me and my one of a kind, Nature-Inspired Jewelry and my Pebblebellies and Gemstone Jewelry at the Granville Island Public Market, in Vancouver BC

June 27-30

July 10-14, 17-21, 29-01

August 22-25

(More dates to be posted shortly)

If you are looking for my colourful, happy acrylic paintings) and are in Vancouver head to the Niche Gallery across from the Sandbar on Granville Island they carry a selection of my handmade art jewelry as well as my art. 


My Jewelry has recently been listed in Best Vancouver here 

Granville Island Shopping and Gifts a guide - the best places to stop & shop on Granville Island in Vancouver. 

Here are some of the MUST-see places on Granville Island

Niche Gallery, unique West Coast jewelry, paintings and sculpture, this oughta be your first stop. 

The Cloth Shop - right next door to Niche Gallery this is arguably the best spot for beautiful quilting textiles. A Vancouver favourite fabric and quilting shop for 30 years. Pay them a visit and enjoy their inspiring collections of beautiful cotton prints, original patterns, and unique kits.
Open 7days a week 10~5pm.

Maiwa The Supply Store sources the highest quality tools and ingredients so that artisans and craftspeople can explore an almost limitless range of projects. From dyestuff to rare fibers, from fabric paints to silkscreens, from a huge selection of books to stunning documentaries, Maiwa is all about textiles, techniques, and artisans. Open from Tuesday to Sunday, 11am - 5pm

Here is a full listing of Shopping & Gifts 

Granville Island Arts & Culture 

With seemingly endless artistic and cultural events, Granville Island has something for everyone. Explore what you'll do on your trip to Granville Island

Plan your visit to Granville Island

Granville Island is considered the art-heart of Vancouver. Home to countless artist studios and boutiques it is a must visit place on any trip to Vancouver. Spend the day wandering in and out of Vancouver's best art galleries and be delighted and inspired by artists at work in their working art studios. 

Market planners promise a unique and safe outdoor shopping experience this spring and summer. A different Island every time - each trip to Granville Island promises to be filled with unique experiences, products and one of a kind artistic creations. With plenty of outdoor and kid-friendly activities, let Granville Island wow you with it's unique history, architecture arts & culture. You can be assured that face mask protocols are firmly in place throughout the island. 

The organizers of Granville Island have put together a very helpful trip planning tool giving you ideas for 1/2 day or full day trips to the island, 

Parking on Granville Island

Parking has been free throughout the island during the pandemic. 

Getting to Granville Island

The #50 has resumed service and is making its regularly scheduled stops at Granville Island. Click here for upcoming departures and arrivals; visit for further details. 

#50 False Creek
The #50 False Creek bus comes from Gastown in the downtown area, along Granville St., and stops just off Granville Island, at the intersection of Anderson St. and West 2nd Ave. It will let you off on the southeast side of West 2nd Ave. Look for the large Granville Island sign and the yellow and rainbow-ed Kids Market along Anderson St. northward.

Other Bus Routes
The Granville & 5th Ave at the south end of the Granville Bridge, is also an interchange for many of the urban and suburban routes. Hop off your bus at 5th Ave and walk 5-10 minutes northward under the bridge to get to Granville Island.

For more information about Vancouver's bus system, go to: or call (604) 953-3333.

Granville Island Public Market

Public Market Hours
-9am to 6pm, Monday to Sunday
-Please lineup outside for Lee's Donuts and Oyama Sauage
-Confirming hours of individual businesses ahead of visit is recommended as individual store hours may vary.

History of Granville Island

Granville Island has a rich, interesting and colourful history. Find out about Granville Island's Architecture and how it came to be the place it is today