We are about much more than silver jewelry inspired by nature -  we are a company that truly cares deeply about the wonderful world we live in. We believe it is not only possible to tread lightly on our planet but that it is our duty to do so. 

In a nutshell, we are a carbon-neutral, living-wage company that is very close to being zero waste and we plant a tree for every piece we sell (and we didn't just go out an pick any old plant-a-tree company, we audited them carefully and thoughtfully selected Eden Reforestation as our partner because of their mission and integrity. 

Morning Moon believes that nature is full of magical secrets that are available to everyone, and that connecting with nature sparks our innate ability to listen to our hearts, guiding us to our most abundant & purposeful lives. All our pieces are designed to ignite this connection between people and nature.

Beyond sustainability, Morning Moon is committed to THRIVEABILITY for all life on Earth! We have solar panels on the rooftop of our studio, we’ve eliminated plastic baggies in ALL our outbound orders, we work with our suppliers to create zero-waste solutions, and we are extremely proud to partner with Eden Reforestation to PLANT A TREE FOR EACH PIECE of jewelry we create!

We partnered with Eden Reforestation Projects because of their mission to restore global forests while also providing employment opportunities for impoverished villages in rural areas. By 2020, Eden is on track to plan over 100 million trees per year and employ tens of thousands of people in communities where extreme poverty is rampant.

Morning Moon is proud to collaborate with Eden Reforestation Projects in our ongoing journey to deepen our collective connection with nature, join us!




Morning Moon has been powered by renewable green energy via Bullfrog Power since 2009. We’ve taken steps to reduce our energy use at every level, then we secure green energy sources for our electricity and natural gas. In 2019 we completed installation of a photovoltaic solar panel system on our rooftop, which powers our laser engraver and then some! We also subsidize staff sustainable transportation by bike and transit.



Morning Moon has been carbon neutral since 2012 and we have now been ClimateSmart Certified seven times. This means we understand the how greenhouse gasses (GHG) are produced by our operations, including input materials, production, heating and lighting our building, and shipping the awards to you. We use this knowledge to reduce and limit our emissions. Then we partner with Eden Reforestation to plant trees that absorb carbon to cancel or offset our remaining emissions. 



We’ve built a green roof and garden totalling over 2000 sq.ft. Our studio is lit by natural sunlight and cooled by passive wind design. To elevate our work, we want our workplace to be inspiring, healthy, and energy efficient.



We are committed to minimizing our use of resources. Operationally, we reuse packing materials, recycle paper and electronics, compost our organics, monitor our water and energy, and avoid plastics and toxic chemicals wherever possible. We apply zero waste thinking to our production and design processes as well.



Our #SOULTALISMANS are designed to support you in deepening your connection with nature, and to follow your heart to discover the treasures your life has in store. They  contain the essence of nature, lovingly transmitted and preserved in each piece. Experience the magic of being reunited with nature, and reclaim your own inner power to love and create magic in your life!


We believe in THRIVEABILITY (not just sustainability) for all lifeforms on Earth. Our offices use solar power, we’ve cut out all plastic baggies in ALL our outgoing orders, we work with our suppliers create solutions that do not generate waste, and we joyfully plant a tree for every piece of jewelry we make. 

We invite you to join us to Follow Your Heart, Find Your Treasure!

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