How to fasten a necklace clasp quickly and easily every time

Have you ever wondered if there is a trick to making fastening the clasp on your favourite necklace easier?

There is! And I am going to show you a tiny simple trick that will help you put on your necklace more easily almost every time. Whether it is a lobster clasp or a C clasp, this little hack will help you connect the clasp on your necklace quickly and easily every time. Check out all these pieces with clasps!

When I worked at Granville Island in the public market, one of the most consistent moments that would happen was that people would come in, they'd want to try out they fall in love with a piece of my jewelry, and they want to try it on.

So they would pick it up, and go to put it on and then there'd be this loooooong moment where they'd be like, um how do I how do I get this clasp part to connect to the loop on the chain? It is behind my head, I can't see it! 

Necklaces clasps are tricky. It is some kind of universal law.

I recorded a little 45 second video (below) in it I'm going to teach you a trick that's going to blow your mind you're not going to believe that it will work but I want you to try it with me. And you're going to see that it works and you're you're gonna laugh everybody used to laugh when it would happen at the market. But it works almost every time.

So go grab your favourite necklace and and I'll teach you how to get the clasp to catch almost every time.

 PS - If you have to have the pendant I am wearing in this video (it is SUCH a good one) here is the link to the Double Maple Key Necklace