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Abalone Shell Necklace Pendants

Our Abalone pendant necklace collection features a lovely, delicate & unique seashell that is sure to surprise and delight you! The intricate textures on both sides of these necklace pendants are cast from actual Abalone seashell from the sparkling waters of Canada's rugged West Coast. Available in both Sterling Silver and Golden Frosted Bronze. 

This handmade Abalone Seashell Pendant feels it's cooling and soothing to wear. Let it spark your creativity and inspiration! 

The Healer Abalone is associated with strength and wellness. Infused with strong “mother” energy, it is also closely connected to water element and emanates vibrations of grace, beauty, gentleness, compassion and love. Abalone stimulates psychic skills like intuition and is strongly associated with fostering a healthy sense of imagination. Its water vibrations calm and soothe during important periods of healing. Abalone is an excellent talisman to wear during periods of major spiritual growth since it can offer a sense of stable, gentle emotional support.