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Fern Jewelry - A Canadian Jewelry Brand connecting you with nature

I want to help you fall in love with my Canadian Jewelry Brand I am Kate the Founder of Morning Moon Nature Jewelry. I used to sell my jewellery in the market at Granville Island Public Market in Vancouver, where every day, I would talk with people from all over the world about this amazing jewellery, and how powerful it is. People would come up to my booth from far away, there's this sort of a glow about this jewelry, a special energy to it. And so I would see them coming from across the market. Often they would be drawn to a particular piece, it would catch their eye from across the way. And then they'd come over and...

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Introducing "Jewelry Chats" our weekly Instagram & Facebook LIVES a virtual art market for jewelry

Hi! It’s me, Kate, - Founder & Lead Designer of Morning Moon Nature Jewelry. Join me for JEWELRY CHATS - a Virtual LIVE ART MARKET on Wednesdays at 11am Pacific time, it will include behind the scenes studio moments, explanations of the origins and symbolism of each piece, time for Q & A about the jewelry; bits and bobs about how it’s made, and random prizes for people in the audience! Head over to Instagram right now to 🔔 TURN POST NOTIFICATIONS ON so you don't miss a thing!   I have been meaning to do this for you for quite a while now, these LIVES. I get a bit nervous in front of the camera, so I have been putting it off, but I really want an opportunity to tell you a...

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