Fern Jewelry - A Canadian Jewelry Brand connecting you with nature

Fern Jewelry - A Canadian Jewelry Brand connecting you with nature

I want to help you fall in love with my Canadian Jewelry Brand

I am Kate the Founder of Morning Moon Nature Jewelry. I used to sell my jewellery in the market at Granville Island Public Market in Vancouver, where every day, I would talk with people from all over the world about this amazing jewellery, and how powerful it is.

People would come up to my booth from far away, there's this sort of a glow about this jewelry, a special energy to it. And so I would see them coming from across the market.

Often they would be drawn to a particular piece, it would catch their eye from across the way. And then they'd come over and talk to me about it.

I'd share the amazing stories behind each and every one of these pieces in my collection. And I miss that. And so I started doing weekly Instagram LIVEs (Wednesdays at 11am - head over to Instagram and turn on post notifications so you don't miss the next one.)  

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Today I want to share a little bit about Fern jewellery with you. All the pieces have their own stories. And you know, this jewellery is handmade, with love. I have gone out into the wild and selected every single little leaf and seashell you find in this collection to make sure it was the exact perfect one for you.

After many years of wanting to bring Fern jewelry into the mix, because I just knew it would make amazing jewelry with its delicate fronts and exquisite detail  - one day, several years ago, I was out on a walk not far from my home when I found this perfect, perfect little fern frond that had just unfolded. I brought it back to the studio and made it into the Fern Leaf Jewelry Collection.

What I love about Fern - and what I love about everything in this whole collection is that they each have their own special gift. These natural objects call to me, and they're asking me to be made into jewelry. They each have this ancient wisdom and I can feel when I am working with them, that they want to be made into jewelry... for YOU. They want to share their gifts with you. 

Fern is all about reverie and sincerity and magic. When I first found the leaf that is the foundation of this collection, it spoke to me. It asked me,

"When was when was the last time you really let yourself daydream when you were on a walk in the forest?"

And hit me! I'm actually somebody who's in the forest quite a bit. But often I'm thinking about work, bills, my to-do list. And I asked myself when was the last time I really let myself just have a sense of reverie, just daydream just allow myself to think about the magic of nature? 

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Think about how old the wisdom of Fern is, of how many millions of years they have been unfurling over and over again -  there's a wisdom in them that just knows how to do that. Fern has been around doing its thing over and over since dinosaur times! There's this ancient wisdom in them, and I part of the reason that I've created this whole lot of jewelry was because I know there is a transmission that happens when I'm translating something from a leaf or a shell into this jewelry. 

Every single little detail every little vein, every little mark on the leaf, every little imperfection and every little bit of perfection is there.

And there is a transmission, a potency to this jewelry. It's different than other jewelry that's out there. And that's why my keep making it. And that's why everybody loves it the way that they do. And why I'm so excited to connect you with it. 

Fern wants you to to daydream in the company of nature. You don't even have to be in the woods -  you could do walking down the down the street of a busy urban neighborhood. There's going to be something growing up out of a crack of concrete somewhere. Spend a minute with that leaf that unfurled and just allow suspend your idea of what's possible and allow yourself to feel whether or not that thing has a message for you. Because I know it does. And I know that this jewelry can help you remember that on a daily basis, which is why I really want you to have something for yourself.

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