an overwhelmed looking groundhog looking at camera and text box that reads Feeling Like you "just can't do this?" I've got news for you...

Feeling like you just can't do this?

....I've got news for you, you already are, doing this! 

I'd like to share a really personal story with you.

Labour with my first child was short and intense - within 5 hours of my first contraction, I was holding my beautiful son on my chest, not a single pain medication was administered. It was fast and furious and incredibly painful. I was literally blindsided by the intensity and pain. Toward the end I started to feel overwhelmed by this terrible feeling that I just couldn’t do it. I remember entering into a sort of panicked state where I was almost hyperventilating and I kept repeating “I can’t do this, I can’t do this, I just can’t do this” I remember actually thinking I was going to die. It was terrifying. 

Without hesitation, my amazing doula dove into whatever pit of pain and fear I had gone into, found me and locked eyes with me. She arrested this runaway train of fear and stated clearly with authority, “Of course you can do this, haven’t you noticed? YOU ALREADY ARE DOING THIS” This moment of clarity changed everything, my son was born about five minutes later. I just needed to be reminded that of course I could do it, I already was doing it, it it what led me to find the strength to keep going.

This reminder is powerful. It dive into the deepest caves of fear and suffering and can draw us back up into the light of reality, which of course is that we can do it, we are already doing it.

Salal jewellery collection is an amazing reminder that you can keep going!

Now when I’m going through something difficult and I feel like I just can’t do it and I want to give up, roll over, submit to and admit defeat - something bubbles up and reminds me I already am doing it.

And as we all know, nothing (good or bad) can last forever. So, when we’re caught up in one of those big shitstorms life sometimes throws at us, if we allow ourselves to be reminded of this truth: that not only we can do this but we already are doing this….we find that we are suddenly on the precipice of the transformation we have been yearning for, something new is about to be born, and we will have birthed it. 

The importance of Just Keep Going cannot be overstated. It is a major life key. You may want to read about Starfish and how they can be a great talisman for this!

I made this video for you. 

I created every single piece of Nature Jewelry in the Morning Moon collection - Necklace Pendants, Earrings and rings, to be your touchstones, to keep you company and remind you of your own inner power as you make your way along your journey. 

I invite you to find your personal #SOULTALISMAN. One that speaks to your soul and helps to remind you that you can do this, that in fact you already ARE doing this. 


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