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July BirthStone Alternative Jewelry

It is finally summer here in Vancouver! We've had rain since the fall, which is fine with me, because I really, really love cozy weather- but everyone knows the best beachcombing weather is in the summer! 

This morning, I was thinking about all of you - imagining where you are in the world and what you're doing. And I had this little daydream about you finding little shells on the beach, on your beach adventures. And then it reminded me I wanted to talk to you about starfish, the BirthElement for July (our BirthElements are alternatives to birthstone jewelry)

July is the birth month for starfish, and the collection is exquisite! Like this Starfish Pendant.  Every month of the year has a corresponding character from our collection and the July BirthElement (birthstone alternative) is Starfish.

And so I want to tell you a little bit about starfish in case you have a July birthday. Or in case you have someone in your life who has a July birthday. Or if not, even if you know if you're going through sort of a bumpy situation, or  maybe looking to cultivate your intuition, because starfish is really good for all of those things.

starfish jewelry birthstone alternatives for July

We believe that all of these characters in our collection have superpowers and Starfish is about helping you with growth, rejuvenation and adaptability. So you might know this, but a starfish if it loses one of its appendages it will grow back. And so they're really wonderful sort of symbol and reminder of how even though horrible things can happen, we can recover and we can grow back.

They're really wonderful for reminding us how adaptable we can be. And they're a really good talisman for wearing on your body to remind you of that. 

I'm wearing my the large starfish in this slightly oxidized silver piece. And what I love about our starfish in our collection is how detailed they are. Check out the Starfish video on this page to see what I mean.

On the front, obviously, there's all the detail because I use real shells from starfish that I found on the beach. And I want to assure you, nobody's ever harmed I only ever take shells that are absolutely been vacated by the creature. They have all the texture that you would appreciate from the shell. And I always try to capture as much detail from the inside too. So visually, this isn't just a beautiful starfish that looks exactly like a starfish that you find on the beach, made in sterling silver, it actually has all the texture on the back too.

We have beautiful tiny starfish earrings. Large starfish earrings. A small starfish Necklace and a large starfish necklace t

If you're going through something in your life right now where you feel like this is a little bit of a bumpy time, maybe you're thinking "I don't totally have everything that I need to get through this, I need a little bit of a talisman or a touchstone" the starfish could be a really good friend for you. Because they do remind you of how adaptable you are, how how strong you are, and how able you are to recover from even the most difficult situations.

I hope you're having a wonderful summer and you're finding amazing treasures of your own on the beach.

And, oh, did you know that if you find something really cool on the beach or in the wild, and it's safe to send it to me and you want to send it to me, you can and if I use it in the morning Moon collection, you get the first piece that I ever make using your thing. So I have this really cool process where I take really detailed molds of things from the wild. And then I do traditional lost wax casting of them in silver and the golden bronze that we use. And so the result is like these extremely lifelike detail pieces of jewelry that represent everything from the wild. So if you have something that's really cool that you want to be made it to a piece of jewelry and you want to submit it, send me a direct message or through the contact form on the website, and I'll give you instructions about how to safely get

I hope you treat yourself to one of these pieces to serve as a reminder of how strong you are, how capable you are, and that helps remind you of the things that you're working on because you're further along than you think. 

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