Jewelry Chats a Virtual Art Market Episode 02 - The Story of Salal leaf jewelry

Jewelry Chats a Virtual Art Market Episode 02 - The Story of Salal leaf jewelry

salal leaf jewelry

Hello beautiful friends, this week I wanted to talk to you about Salal Leaf Jewelry. Salal is a species that grows along the west coast in the Pacific Northwest.

If you've been to the coast here anywhere from here in Vancouver down to Oregon and maybe even Northern California, you've likely seen Salal. 

What I love about Salal is it's tenacity. Where the ocean ends and the rocks start, you'll find Salal growing just before the trees. The grow through the wind and the rain. Through storms and the beating down heat of summer. And they keep the land from eroding while they're at it. And they always seem so happy doing it, there is just an energy about them. 

I made a whole collection of Salal Leaf jewelry because, well, number 1, they are just gorgeous leaves, but also I love what they symbolize.

Salal has this fiercely happy energy. It is tenacious  - it grows just about anywhere where it has an opportunity to in some really challenging conditions. So you know, rocky windswept beaches, and in in weather and in rainy, rainy, rainy weather a lot of the time.  The dead heat of summer, droughts and all.

Wearing a piece of this SALAL leaf jewelry is a gentle, daily reminder not to give up on yourself & of the importance of tenacity

Whenever I am near Salal, every time I touch it one if it's leaves, it has this joy to it; it's not thinking about how hard it was to grow up in the rocks, in the wind and the rain and overcast, cloudy West Coast skies, or the beating down dry spells in summer.... it's just happy to be alive. Always reaching toward the sun, but also always really happy to be where it is. And I love that as a symbol for ourselves.

There are times in our lives when feel this urge to create something beautiful. Whether it is a relationship, or a job or some sort of special project we're working on.

It's so important to be rooted and content with where we are as we reach for more. To acknowledge where we are AND to reach for greater heights regardless of the conditions around us. 

Whenever I'm feeling a little bit of discontent, or, or like I'm not doing enough or working hard enough, or it's not happening fast enough, I'll reach out for the salal leaf jewelry in my own personal collection to wear.

I've actually been wearing my Salal a lot lately! These are the earrings I wore when I shot this video These are a really wonderful size for wearing everyday and the detail on them! They are an elegant choice for daily wear. They really are wonderful. 

If you're going through something where things feel tough and you feel like you need some extra stamina, or a daily reminder that you can do this.... Salal is a really wonderful talisman to wear, because it will help you to bring in that tenacity into your life.

I'm so happy that you're here and I'm so happy that I have the opportunity to to talk to you about the jewelry. Be sure to join me LIVE on Wednesdays at 11am Pacific time on my INSTAGRAM LIVE for Jewelry Chats with Kate. You can ask me questions and hear me share stories about the jewelry, just like this!

Remember, you can do it, you already are doing it.



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