Morning Moon Handmade Nature Jewelry made from the finest Sterling Silver, Bronze, Brass & 14k gold.  

Silver Nature Jewelry Collection we use only the finest jewelry-grade Sterling Silver (925 Sterling) for all the pieces in this collection. 

Golden Nature Jewelry Collectionwe use extremely high quality, jewelry-grade bronze & brass for this collection.  So bright and beautiful it can easily be mistaken for gold (hooks and chains are always Sterling Silver and gold filled)

Our Finishes

Morning Moon offers several finishes to enhance the natural warmth and textures of our pieces. 

Oxidized Finish - these pieces have beautiful patinas that are created by a natural antiquing process. The colourful patinas showcase and highlight the exquisite details of Morning Moon Nature Jewelry pieces.  With use and over time, the colours of oxidized pieces will change and evolve. Oxidized finish is exclusively offered on Sterling Silver pieces.

Frosted Finish - these pieces have been simply and gently hand-polished, allowing the metal’s natural lustre and luminosity to shine through. Our Golden Collection and select Sterling Silver pieces are available with Frosted finish. 

Morning Moon Chains Each pendant includes a fine Italian-made solid Sterling Silver chain that has been selected and finished to highlight and complement the pendant. Silver pendants include naturally coloured Sterling Silver chains, while Bronze pendants come with 14k gold-plated Sterling Silver chains. All chains are 18” and cannot be mixed and matched. Additional specifications can be found in the details of each product. 

Morning Moon Earring Hooks - We use high quality, hand-forged Sterling Silver hooks on all of our Silver earrings. Bronze earrings include gold-filled hooks which contain a high amount of gold and will not tarnish. 

Check out this helpful 45 second video tutorial on how to fasten your chain clasps quickly and easily