Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Two steps forward, one step back. Rapid busting through old ways. Slow gentle unfolding. Huge earth-shattering epiphanies. Growth has lots of styles (and disguises!) but it’s overall pattern is steady - a cycle, a spiral.

Nautilus, with its gorgeous mesmerizing spiral, offers us an elegant lesson in how to navigate growth beautifully. As it grows and evolves, it creates new chambers for itself within in its own shell. Once it has outgrown the old chamber it seals it off and moves forward into the new one it has just created for itself. The old chambers are not useless, rather they become a critical part of how it creates buoyancy for itself, but it does not go back and inhabit these old parts that do not fit anymore.

What a beautiful analogy for how we can see our own lives and situations. When we have outgrown something, it doesn’t mean it was a mistake, it just means it does not fit anymore. If you're curious about how to know if you have outgrown a situation or thing, try reading this post on Listening

I love how the Nautilus uses the space it used to occupy to its benefit - creating its own buoyancy - it seals off the chambers it has outgrown and moves forward within its own shell - both honouring how it got there and creating the space it needs to grow simultaneously.

There are so many messages for us like this from nature. Each object in the natural world contains its own energetic message and medicine for us, and wearing them in the form of jewelry talismans can be a powerful experience for the wearer. These wise messages, and clues, are why I set out to create my whole collection of Nature Jewelry for you!

Whether it is a leaf pendant, a seashell necklace or some other piece of magical forest jewelry, here is my wish for you: May you find your jewelry talisman here in the Morning Moon Collection - and may it bring you it’s magic.



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