blue sky, seagull on rocks caption: True Listening: how to make a  decision when it seems like you can't

True Listening - How to make a decision when it seems like you can't

Every once in a while, a doozy of a decision will show up in our lives.

This kind of decision usually asks us to let something (or sometimes everything) that is very familiar and safe to us, go.

We suddenly find ourselves questioning everything we thought we knew. 

When we look only to the mind for direction we can find ourselves frozen, paralyzed seemingly unable to make the decision or take action. 

Maybe we get caught up in a whir of thinking, plunging ourselves deep into the land of pro and con lists, or maybe we forge onwards bypassing that little niggling thought that keeps trying to come up for air. All the while the incessant voice of our conditioning who wants only to keep us staying put where it is safe and predictable, is yammering on about how everything is just so impossible.... 

Why do we allow this part of ourselves to torment ourselves this way, when each and every one of us contains within us the perfect navigational system for life, one that does not rely on this nattering negative voice of impossibility? 

Because we were not taught how to use our built in system for knowing. In fact, many of us were taught and conditioned - actively discouraged from using our inner navigation system to navigate our lives. After all wouldn't a world where everyone went around listening to their hearts for guidance be unpredictable? Wait. There is that voice again. 

What if defying logic and feeling your way to your next chapter is EXACTLY how we are supposed to live? What if the unpredictable nature of wildly living in the UNKNOWN is the ONLY way we can create and tend our true path to fulfillment, joy, ALIVENESS? 

Because the truth is we already know. We always, already know. 

There is what we know and what we think. Tension can only exist when we are trying to shove down the quiet knowing part to replace it with the predictable, safer "what we think" option. 

But the truth is, once you KNOW. You cannot unknow. The question is how much are you going to make yourself suffer before you let the knowing out into the world, to guide you, to surprise and delight you... 

I made this video to share with you, it is about a time that I chose to defy logic and listen to my heart instead and how it was the EXACT right thing.

I created every single piece of unique jewelry in the Morning Moon collection - Necklace Pendants, Earrings and rings, to be your touchstones, to keep you company and remind you of your own inner power as you make your way along your journey. 

I invite you to find your personal #SOULTALISMAN. One that speaks to your soul and helps to remind you that you can do this, that you alreadyARE doing this.


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