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that feeling when you give the perfect gift

What makes a great gift?

Have you ever thought and thought about the perfect gift to give a loved one to mark a special occasion? Don't you love that feeling when you finally find it? And even better is that feeling they receive it and burst with delight? That feeling is right up there isn't it?

This jewelry makes that kind of gift giving experience possible, every time.

I think we all know that the right jewelry can make you feel different, special. I remember when I was in grade nine, one of my very first kind of compliments from a boyfriend was that he loved my jewelry. He 'got' what I was expressing about myself through how decorated myself with my jewelry. And he liked it. 

I felt so seen. 

When I put on a piece of jewelry, I'm expressing myself, it makes me feel a certain way which translates to how I present myself energetically to the people around me, which then has a direct impact on how they respond to me and in turn, how the moments in my life begin to add up - and the shape my life begins to take! 

When you pair this with the notion of gift giving magic happens. 

We've sort of lost the magic of giving meaningful gifts. And gift giving is a really important part of what it means to be a human, you just have to look at traditional cultures around the world to recognize the wisdom and love associated with gift giving. Gifts, give well can bind together entire communities, civilizations even,

Humans share this deep, innate desire, to give to each other. And then to act on the sense of needing to address the feelings of reciprocity it generates of us. It starts a beautiful wheel of generosity and connection.

Somehow we've accidentally created this fast food, fast-paced Amazon world where gift giving can be incredibly difficult. And it is increasingly so difficult to find beautiful, well made gifts that are truly special. That don't break the bank.

To give someone that you love a gift that is truly special, one that shows them that you put great thought and care into it is perhaps one of the most deeply satisfying experiences we can give ourselves. It lights up our hearts the way few other things can. You know that feeling I am talking about. 

This jewelry makes giving those kinds of gifts possible.

Wedding Season Coming Up

Our handmade Cedar leaf jewelry are wonderful for wedding season (which is coming up!) The collection is large enough that you can find something for everybody in your party, and everybody can be connected through the magic that runs through all the pieces. You can have the bride wearing a signature cedar pendant, the maid of can be in our cedar earrings, moms in matching cedar necklaces - everyone in pieces as individual as they are and now connected through the magic of your own family tree. 

And after the festivities are over, these heirlooms will connect you over the years... and on your 40th wedding anniversary, your loved ones still be telling the stories about how it made them feel to receive it from you to mark their part of your special day.


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