Starfish Meaning - what does wearing Starfish Jewelry Mean?

Starfish Meaning - what does wearing Starfish Jewelry Mean?

Have you ever wondered if there is a special meaning behind wearing starfish jewelry?

There is!  And I am going to tell you a little bit about the hidden meaning of starfish jewelry

I want to share some things with you about what it means to wear starfish jewelry.

First of all, I'm really proud of this whole nature jewelry collection. In a world where I feel like everybody is in this kind of nosedive to create the most profit possible - to make things with as little work and materials as possible, I am honoured to create something different. Jewelry with meaning, made with love and respect for the earth, the materials and YOU the customer. 

We don't 'do the math' with the jewelry here, really -  I'm committed to making the most beautiful nature jewelry pieces as I possible -  first and foremost. To me capturing as much of the life and the magic and meaning of the original object including the meaning of the beautiful starfish - as possible, so that I can pass that on to you. Today,  I am excited to tell you a little more about the meaning of starfish jewelry in particular. More on that in a moment. 

It is so important to me that the quality of these objects is preserved so that you can fully take advantage of the meaning of these symbolic objects. It is important to me that their power gets across to you so that when you're wearing these amazing pieces of jewelry steeped in meaning and symbolism, you're feeling connected to this big beautiful something that you are a part of: Nature.

I'm very proud of that. And VERY excited to share this truly meaningful and beautiful jewelry with you. 

This morning I was thinking about the meaning of starfish in particular. If you have not seen the starfish collection, treat yourself to a moment have a look at the pictures of the starfish jewelry in out collection - like our large starfish necklace and immerse yourself in starfish meaning. 

While you're there: check out the little video at the top of the page where I show you the backs of these meaningful starfish pieces. Look at the backs!

It is so important to me when I found this tiny little baby shell that went into creating the starfish collection that I captured the everything  - all the magic that was on the back and the front of the starfish, too.

People like to tease me because the insides and backing of these pieces are just as important to me as the fronts. You know how women always talk about the linings of things like, "look, at my nice new jacket, but look at the lining!" I feel like that's really important with jewelry, look at the underside, that's important too - it is the part that is going to be touching your body!

We have a beautiful collection of starfish jewelry and wearing starfish jewelry has great meaning: We have really sweet and meaningful little starfish earrings and necklaces, pendants.  And I am excited to share with you what starfish mean, what they symbolize. 

The meaning of Starfish is:  Growth, Rejuvenation & Adaptability.

If you think about a starfish, they live in the intertidal zone - a place of constant change. Meaning starfish have to constantly be evolving AND being finely tuned into their environments: to feel where the right place to go is next.

Starfish have thousands of little feelers on their undersides that help them do that, and help them to find their way and find them and help them to adapt. And so when you wear this starfish jewelry, or sea star jewelry, you're actually able to I feel tap into some of that starfish meaning which can help you learn how to adapt and really be aware of your environment and grow! 

Starfish not only have all this great meaning, they are an iconic, beautiful, beautiful shape to wear. I am so very, very, very proud of the starfish in the collection. 

This starfish jewelry will remind you of your very best memories of your favourite days at the beach.

starfish necklaces made of silver and gold on white background meaningful

Oh and I almost forgot to mention, while I am sharing about the meaning of starfish - that our starfish jewelry is the BirthElement for July. If you have somebody in your life, or maybe you have a birthday in July, these are wonderful gift we wanted to create for you to share the special meaning of starfish with them through this absolutely unique, meaningful jewelry. 

For years, I wanted to create BirthElements a meaningful symbol of jewelry for every month in the year based on the characters in our nature jewelry collection. I wanted to offer you an alternative to conventional "birthstone jewelry" (which I know so many people want to, but simply do not find themselves in). So I created this more natural approach - Earth's answer to this concept. And so I listened to the trees and I listened to the shells. And I listened to nature for several years until each month had found its character. July's BirthElement is Starfish. So if you have a birthday, coming up in July, of course, celebrate with what your birthstone is. But also, this is a really nice new way for you to have a connection to Earth that's related to your birth month and has so much more meaning. 

If you've just got a July birthday person in your life, and you're not sure what to get them, you would not go wrong with this meaningful starfish jewelry.

starfish meaning Birthstone chart for birthstone alternative for july

I'm so happy that you're here. I want to remind you, if you haven't signed up for the Morning Moon newsletter yet, don't wait, do it now! We give away a piece of this beautiful jewelry steeped in meaning (like Starfish) every single month. 

We send out really thoughtful content, we try to be helpful and send you things that will make gift giving or treating yourself easier. 

If you have questions or if there's a piece that you want me to talk about, in particular, or a question you have about how I make the jewelry, or a suggestion for a piece that you want me to add to the collection, please get in touch. I love to hear from you.

Oh and I also wanted to mention something fun that I do. Often fans will send me in the mail little gifts of seashells or branches are really cool little textures. If one of those little gifts or specimens ever makes its way into the permanent collection, then I will send the person who sent me that original thing, the very first piece from that collection as a special collector's item as a thank you for helping me grow the collection.

Remember the starfish steeped in meaning is the BirthElement for July. If anybody's got a birthday coming up it is an amazing gift (and also beautiful thing for you to own for yourself!) 

Take care of yourself. Find some time today to Feel the Wonder

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