Where can you find a Hawaiian Sunrise Scallop Shell?

Where can you find a Hawaiian Sunrise Scallop Shell?

If you have ever been to Hawaii and wondered where everyone was getting those beautiful yellow and orange scallop shells, they are called Sunrise Shells and they are now a very special part of the Morning Moon Nature Jewelry collection.

The Sunrise Shell is normally very difficult to find.  It is quite rare and only washes up on one beach  - on the North Shore of Oahu in Hawaii. 

For this reason and many others the Sunrise Shell is one of my favourite pieces (shop The Sunrise Scallop Shell Necklace Collection )  from the Morning Moon collection.

It's one of my favourite necklaces. It is a gorgeous scallop shell. The large shell pendant comes in our Golden finish and it also comes in both beautiful Oxidized Sterling Silver and Frosted Sterling Silver options. There are also really lovely small scallop shell earrings available in the collection, too. 

Of and before I forget, I made a little video for you today featuring the Scallop Shell necklace to demonstrate my little hack to make fastening the clasp on your Necklace easier. Check it out here

Scallop represents growth and contentedness which are really wonderful things to pair together -  you can be very content with what you have and still want to reach hello for more. I love what the Scallop Shell Necklace represents. 

This particular scallop comes from a famous scallop shell in Hawaii. We call it the Sunrise Scallop because these are called Sunrise shells in Hawaii. And the legend has it that they only wash up on certain beaches on the North Shore of Oahu and that at certain time the only people who were allowed to own these were were members of the Royal Hawaiian family.

The story behind our Sunrise Scallop Shell Jewelry is steeped in generosity and friendship.

The scallop shell I used to create these pieces for you, was gifted to me by a local Hawaiian woman. She knew that I wanted to make this collection of jewelry for you - and she told me that it would be a real honour for her to know that her gift to me would mean that many people all over the world could experience the magic of the Sunrise Shells while the actual shells could remain in Hawaii where they belong.

The original scallop shell this beautiful soul gifted to all of us, lives at my home on a special shelf in my bedroom where I keep special objects. 

When you run your fingers over the scallop necklace or scallop earrings, you'll delight at how I've captured every single little ridge - every single little detail in these scallop shells -  so that when you're wearing them and you reach up to touch it, it brings you all the magic of the original shell. 

I often marvel at the transmission I witness taking place as I turn these objects from the wild into jewelry - it is as if their energy gets carried forward into the jewelry and is then available to the wearer. I am sure this is why people consistently have such deep emotional connections to my work. 

There are lovely sweet earrings (fantastic everyday earring!) They're really great size. They read as a shell from far away, but they're not a big, bulky, uncomfortable shell -  they're delicate and sweet and they have really beautiful movement.

These scallop shell earrings are a GREAT CHOICE for a gift. If you're looking to give somebody who has everything a gift and you're not sure you want to give them, these are a great choice because the scallop shell is such an iconic symbol with so much deep beautiful symbology and meaning. 

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