How our BirthElements Collection came to be

How our BirthElements Collection came to be

Spotlight on June's BirthElement: The Sand Dollar

sand dollar birthstone alternative jewelry for June birthmonth

BirthElements are an enchanting alternative to birth stones, steeped with meaning and potent symbolism. 

I've always loved gemstones, I'm not gonna lie. And my birthday is in December - according to the traditional birthstone chart my birthstone is Blue Zircon  (turquoise if you look at the more contemporary chart). I love these gorgeous blue birthstones, don't get me wrong. They just never felt like MY symbols.. something felt like it was missing.... 

When I started making this jewelry, it was really hard to admit that I can actually hear these things talking to me. 

Last summer on the beach with my kids one day, I kept finding these gorgeous Sand Dollars (distant cousins of Starfish!). Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of them. And they spoke to me. They whispered as they almost always do, that they wanted me to find more ways for them to share their gifts with people, to remind them of how loved they are and how truly magical life is.   


And over the course of the rest of the summer, the whole collection of Morning Moon Jewelry started talking to me with a similar message.

One by one each collection stepped forward and told me which month it belonged to and before I knew it, we had a complete set. 

These BirthElements are a wonderful birthstone alternative for people who want more meaning from the jewelry they wear.  

If you want to find out what your birth element is, visit this page and have a look at our BirthElements Chart

If you are a June baby, Happy Birthday! I want you to consider treating yourself to a piece of Sand Dollar (June BirthElement) jewelry. You will be so glad you did.  

What makes my sand dollar jewelry and what makes all of the jewelry that I make different than maybe other nature jewelry out there is the level of detail that I'm obsessively committed to creating and capturing when I make these pieces.

The Sand Dollar piece is no exception. Pop over to the sand dollar collection to see what I mean. My large Sand Dollar necklace is possibly my favourite in the whole collection - when you're wearing it you'll often find yourself touching it and so I wanted the back to be like one of those worry stones. It is a beautiful tactile piece to wear. Very comforting, very soothing.

Sand Dollar symbolism is all about playfulness, but also safety. And metamorphosis. It's a really wonderful gift to give somebody who's going through a big life transition. So it makes an excellent graduation gift. It has all kinds of symbology about expanding into a bigger version of yourself. 

If you'd like to learn how we make this sand dollar jewelry click here

If you missed our LIVE this week, I read about Sand Dollar from our Elemental Story Deck, which is a set of 16 of our characters - our favorite all time characters and you can buy this you can actually buy this deck. And the way I like to use this when I'm looking for a little bit of inspiration, sometimes I'll just go and I'll close my eyes and I'll pull a card and I'll read the wisdom from that particular piece. 

The Playful Child - Sand Dollars were once sea urchins. At some point for reasons known only to them, they realize that they wanted to go underground. So they buried themselves in the sand on the ocean floor. Over time, their shells adapted becoming flatter and flatter, allowing them to move more efficiently under the sand. Sand dollars are great for knowing what they need, and not being afraid to make drastic changes to get those needs met. I'm gonna say that again, because it's my favorite piece of wisdom from sand dollar. sand dollars are great for knowing what they need, and not being afraid to make drastic changes to get those needs met. They teach us that even if it is uncomfortable at first, we have to do what we have to do to find rest and being ourselves. In the end, everyone around us will adapt. 

Sand dollars are often associated with spiritual epiphanies and are an excellent talisman for bringing support to people going through personal metamorphosis.

Sand Dollars want to remind you that you do have the power to make a drastic change in your life, you can go from being one shape to being a completely different shape, you can change the art that you make, you can change the city you live in, you can change the relationships you're in your job you are allowed to follow this deep internal wisdom and follow that wherever it wants to take you and be whoever it is that you really want to be. And sand dollars are an amazing talisman to remind you of that.

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Treat yourself!


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