Nature Jewelry can bring you back to the moment. Cute doggie wearing a blanket, looking grumpy

Come back to this moment, it's the only one actually happening!

The tight feeling in the chest. The quick breathing. The panicked feeling in the background of...all-the-thoughts! Irritability, the racing mind of a chronic multi-tasker. It takes its toll.

I have always been someone who has been really, really good at keeping a lot of plates spinning at once. But so far, 2020 has brought me to my knees. This year has brought so many issues into my path that would have been huge even without a global pandemic running in the background. 

One of which has been having to pivot my entire business from in real life (markets, retail shops) to building my online presence so that the magical nature inspired jewelry I create (with the intention of connecting each of you with the place deep within where joy comes from) - can continue its ever growing journey to find you.

Yes. Each aspect of our current life reality contains within it, its own tremendous gift and opportunity for growth and healing. AND jeez, it is a lot right now isn’t it? 

I found myself really seeing today how stress only actually exists at the intersection of where the outside meets my inside and what story I tell myself about it, and most importantly what story I allow myself to believe about it.

There is, and will always be more to do, more to figure out, more to manage. But the hidden-in-plain-sight-truth-of-it is (if we stop and look closely) that each moment contains everything we need to deal with what is actually in that moment. Every single time. For every single moment. I remind myself that I can do this!

So the question is, what do you have to tell yourself to believe that there is something to be stressed about? And then stop letting yourself tell yourself that thing! Easier said than done, right?

For me nature plays such a huge role in my ability to STOP and come back into the present. Stopping to feel the intelligence in a fern leaf as it unfurls brings me right back to what is. Wearing these things close to me helps to bring me back to the now every single day. This is the ‘why’ behind my entire jewelry line

My wish is that you will find one of my handmade pieces of nature jewelry to become your reminder to come back to this moment. I hope that it will serve every day as a reminder of what is actually happening in the moment you are in, and that you can absolutely handle that moment. And the one after that. And the one after that. 

Much love, 


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