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I'm KateB the founder of Morning Moon Nature Jewelry - our pieces are unlike anything you have ever seen and at the same time, instantly familiar.

This is jewelry that can change how you feel. 

I want you to feel the wonder this handmade jewelry can bring into your life and I hope you will join in on this amazing journey so we can help you find your perfect pieces.  

Here is a little taste of some of the things me and my team have out together for YOU!

  • Birthday presents!!! You will receive a real-life special gift from us for your birthday every year!
  • Sneak peaks & Front of the line access to new collections and limited editions.
  • Exclusive FLASH Sales and surprise discounts only available to email subscribers
  • Invitations to take part in our heartwarming, pay-it-forward jewelry campaigns
  • Random acts of generosity and kindness - Every New Moon we'll select one of our subscribers to send a gift to. You could receive a piece of our Nature Inspired Jewelry for free just for belonging!

Oh my goodness I can hardly wait!

with so much excitement,