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Sage protects against negativity and reminds us that our energy is sacred and deserves to be respected. 

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What is the Spiritual Meaning of Sage Leaf Nature Jewelry?

Sage is a highly spiritual plant. It is a symbol of purification, ritual and healing. Sage was and still is sacred to many people. Sage is a sacred plant to many Indigenous groups and is used medicinally and spiritually, often for healing and purifying. In traditional Celtic lore, sage is a symbol of wisdom and immortality. It not only promotes physical health but also provides spiritual protection and is believed to ward off evil spirits. The ancient Greeks also believed that sage brought wisdom and immortality while the Romans thought it enhanced domestic virtue. The Latin word salvia (sage) comes from salvus (safe, secure, healthy), and is related to salus (health, well-being, prosperity, and salvation). 

The Healing Power of Sage Leaf Nature Jewelry

Sage has been cultivated all over the world and used medicinally since ancient times. With many healing properties, sage can be used for a wide range of ailments. 

Not only used for physical ailments, sage also offers energetic and spiritual protection. As a potent energetic medicine, Sage can be used to protect and cleanse your own energy, spirit and space. 

What Does Sage Teach us?

Sage teaches us to value and protect our own energy. It teaches us the importance of setting boundaries, conserving our energy for what matters, and being mindful of negativity. By tuning into our feelings and trusting intuition we can become aware of triggers and things that drain our energy. Sage also reminds us of the importance of keeping a clean physical and mental space in order to feel refreshed and energized. Wear sage to help you make choices that enhance your intuition and clear residual negative energy around you.

Popular Sage Leaf Nature Jewelry Gift Ideas

Sage Jewelry makes a wonderful gift for any gift-giving occasion. It is the BirthElement for November and makes an especially meaningful gift for those with birthdays that month. 

sage leaf earrings in golden bronze on white background

Sage Leaf Earrings - Golden Bronze

sage leaf earrings in sterling silver on white background

Sage Leaf Earrings - Sterling Silver

sage leaf ring in sterling silver

Sage Leaf Ring - Sterling Silver

How Does Wearing Sage Leaf Nature Jewelry Enhance Your Life?

Our Sage Leaf Nature Jewelry is a beautiful addition to any outfit. Meaningful and timeless, sage is both symbolic and elegant. With its purifying and healing properties, sage helps to clear negativity. Connecting us to our intuition and to the spiritual realm, sage is a powerful talisman to wear on any occasion.

Where to Buy Sage Leaf Nature Jewelry

Morning Moon Nature Jewelry is available in stores throughout BC as well as in the Yukon and California. And of course, you can always purchase jewelry on our website. 

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More Info About Our Sage Leaf Nature Jewelry

A talisman for purification, ritual, and healing

The Purifier - Sage has long been used to connect to the spiritual realm and to enhance intuition. It is a potent medicine for cleansing negativity and is widely used in spiritual rituals and ceremonies. 

Facts About Sage

Sage is a perennial, evergreen subshrub and is actually a member of the mint family. It has a woody stem, grayish leaves, and blue to purple flowers. Although it is native to the Mediterranean region, it has been naturalized in many places throughout the world. Sage has a long history of medicinal and culinary uses, while for some it is simply used as an ornamental garden plant.    

Importance of Sage to Indigenous Peoples

Sage is a sacred plant to many Indigenous groups in North America. Sage is often used for healing, and cleansing purposes. It can be used in medicine pouches, sweat lodges, and for smudging. 

White sage is typically used for smudging, a ceremonial purifying ritual. The smoke from white sage cleanses the mind, body, and spirit as well as dwellings and spaces. It is believed to protect against negative spirits and can be used to purify sacred articles for use in ceremonies. 

Desert sage is also revered for its medicinal properties. With antifungal, antiseptic, and astringent properties, it is an important medicinal plant used by many Ingenious cultures in North America.