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Imagine the sweet smell of spring flowers and earth filling your senses. From a deep part of your soul, comes a question you have been searching for an answer to. Allow yourself to daydream, holding your question lightly in your heart.

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What is the Spiritual Meaning of Poppy Pod Nature Jewelry?

Poppies are a symbol of restful sleep, recovery, and dreaming. They have many meanings across different cultures, representing love and passion, luxury and beauty, as well as imagination and magic.

Poppies are a symbol closely tied with commemoration and remembrance of the dead, particularly those who have died in war. They are a symbol of sacrifice, hope, and resurrection and are even believed to represent the souls of loved ones. Poppies can represent peace and sleep to both the living and the dead and can be interpreted as eternal sleep and peace in death, as well as rest and recovery for the living.   

The Healing Power of Poppy Pod Nature Jewelry

As symbols of relaxation and recovery, poppies calm the nerves and encourage healing. Poppies can bring about deep, restorative sleep and help us connect with the dream world. They teach us to rest when we need to, and are a reminder that some answers we seek can only be found in our dreams, not in our waking lives. 

Poppies can also be healing for those who have recently lost a loved one. They are symbols of remembrance and offer consolation to those grieving. Some believe that poppies represent the souls of loved ones and encourage us to remember and honour our deceased loved ones. 

What Do Poppies Teach us?

Poppies teach us the importance of rest and the restorative powers of sleep. They encourage us to dream and to use our intuition, offering a reminder that not all answers are found in our waking life

Popular Poppy Pod Nature Jewelry Gift Ideas

Poppy Pod Jewelry is a thoughtful gift for any loved one. If you know someone in your life who is recovering from sickness or suffering the grief of a lost loved one, a Poppy Pod Necklace may be an especially considerate and restorative gift. 

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Sterling Silver
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Golden Bronze
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Oxidized Silver

How Does Wearing Poppy Pod Nature Jewelry Enhance Your Life?

Our poppy jewelry is unique and elegant. Available in three finishes, they complement any outfit and make a great conversation starter. Not only beautiful, a poppy necklace can also enhance your life by calming nerves, encouraging rest and relaxation and connecting you with the dream world. 

Where to Buy Poppy Pod Nature Jewelry

Morning Moon Nature Jewelry is available in stores throughout BC as well as in the Yukon and California. And of course, you can always purchase jewelry on our website. 

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More Info About Our Poppy Pod Nature Jewelry

A talisman for restful sleep, recovery, and dreaming 

The Dreamers’ Companion - Poppies may seem soft and fragile, yet when it comes down to it, they are strong survivors. Their first order of business in coming to life is creating a solid and gorgeous pod to house their seeds and ensure their successful future. They allow themselves to flirtatiously bend and sway in the breeze, yet they always seem to have a secret seriousness about them perhaps because of the potent medicine they hold.

Facts About Poppies

Commonly found in gardens, poppies are recognizable by their papery, tissue-like blossoms with bright warm colours. Poppies are annual, biennial or short-lived perennial plants. They typically bloom in late spring and early summer. Some species of poppy are monocarpic, meaning they die after flowering. 

After the flower blooms and the petals drop, the poppy pod is revealed. Containing hundreds of tiny black seeds, these pods are green when young but will dry and turn brown. By shaking the stem of the flower you can hear the seeds rattle inside of the pod. Once the pods are fully dried, they can be harvested and planted in following years. If left unattended, the pods will crack open and spread their seeds back into the earth naturally, leading them to grow back next year. In some species of poppies, the seeds are also edible and are commonly used in many foods such as pastries or as a garnish on bread. 

Interestingly, edible poppy seeds come from the same species of poppy as opium. This species of poppy is commonly known as the opium poppy and has been used since ancient times for its powerful medicinal properties. 

Besides their use in gardening, food, and medicine, poppies are used to commemorate military personnel who have died in war. “Remembrance Poppies” are small, red, artificial flowers, often worn and used to raise funds for veterans, and those affected by war, as well as charities like the Red Cross. This tradition is most common in the UK, Canada, and United States. 

Following World War I, poppies became a symbol of remembrance for soldiers who died during wartime. In the Commonwealth, they are commonly worn during Remembrance Day and Armistice Day or used in wreaths at war memorials. The connection between the poppy and war was largely inspired by the poem “In Flanders Fields”, a wartime poem by John McCrae.