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You do not need to continue inhabiting spaces you have outgrown. Use the wisdom of the past to steady & guide you to move onwards & upwards!

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What is the Spiritual Meaning of a Nautilus Shell Necklace?

The Nautilus is a symbol of growth, rejuvenation, and adaptability. It also represents expansion, renewal, creation, and spiritual growth. The spiral shape of the nautilus shell is a beautiful example of the Golden Ratio. Because of this, the nautilus is also considered a symbol of elegance and grace

The Healing Power of a Nautilus Shell Necklace

Wear our beautiful, handmade nautilus pendant to remind you of your own inner beauty. As the nautilus grows it creates new space for itself. It reminds us to recognize when we have outgrown situations and places, and encourages us to move forward with grace and purpose. 

What Does Nautilus Teach us?

Nautilus teaches us the importance of growth. It reminds us to always move forward and to leave the past, and the things that no longer serve us behind. It urges us not to be stagnant but instead to grow into beautiful, better versions of ourselves each and every day.

Popular Nautilus Shell Necklace Gift Ideas

A Nautilus Shell Necklace is a thoughtful and beautiful gift for any occasion. As a symbol of growth, rejuvenation, and adaptability, nautilus makes a great gift for anyone going through a transformational period in their life. 

nautilus oxidized silver pendant necklace
Nautilus Pendant - Oxidized Silver
nautilus golden bronze pendant necklace
Nautilus Pendant - Golden Bronze

How Does Wearing a Nautilus Shell Necklace Enhance Your Life?

Wherever it goes, nautilus brings renewal and growth with it. It reminds us to expand our horizons and to grow with grace and beauty. Wearing nautilus jewelry reminds us to be adaptable, creative, and adventurous

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Morning Moon Nature Jewelry is available in stores throughout BC as well as in the Yukon and California. And of course, you can always purchase jewelry on our website. 

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More Info About Our Nautilus Shell Necklaces

A talisman for growth, rejuvenation, and adaptability

The Journeyer - The beautiful, mysterious and clever Nautilus has been around for 500 million years. This nocturnal creature spends most of its life in the deepest, inky black depths of the sea. As Nautiluses grow, they create new chambers in their beautiful, mother of pearl-lined shells, sealing off the previous ones as they are no longer needed, reminding us to grow ever forward in our own evolution. Nautilus symbolize harmonic, proportionate growth that maximizes an organism's efficiency for thriving in its surroundings. 

Facts About Nautiluses

The nautilus is a mollusc of the cephalopod family Nautilidae. Fossil records show that nautiloids have evolved very little during the last 500 million years. They are more closely related to the first cephalopods that appeared around 500 million years ago, than to the more modern cephalopods that appeared around 100 million years later.

Nautiluses are found in the Indo-Pacific. They live in the open ocean and usually inhabit depths of several hundred meters. They have limited vision and are thought to rely largely on their sense of smell. As scavengers and opportunistic predators, they will eat molts from lobsters and hermit crabs as well as carrion of any kind. 

Unlike the complex brains of octopus, squid and cuttlefish, nautiluses have simpler brains, and have long been assumed to lack intelligence. However, recent studies have shown that despite having different brain structures, nautiluses do have memory capabilities and will change their response to the same event over time when conditioned. 

Nautilus Shell Necklace Reviews

nautilus pendant necklace review

nautilus pendant necklace review