Mussel Shell Nature Jewelry

Wear Mussel Jewelry to bring out your creative side and remind you of your own inner power and strength

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What is the Spiritual Meaning of Mussel Shell Nature Jewelry?

Mussels are symbols of protection, self exploration, happiness, and creativity. 

The Healing Power of Mussel Shell Nature Jewelry

Wear Mussel Shell Nature Jewelry to remind you of your creative side as well as your strength. You are resilient, you are protected, you are magical. Most importantly, you are exactly who you are meant to be

Mussels remind us that we are continually surrounded by limitless energy. Let this energy flow around you and through you. Breathe in strength. Breathe out doubt. 

What Does Mussel Teach us?

Mussels remind us of our connection to the sea. They teach us that, like the ocean, we can be both calm and powerful, simultaneously. Mussels help us to recognize our own inner strength and our truest potential. They enhance creativity and remind us to believe in ourselves.

Popular Mussel Shell Nature Jewelry Gift Ideas

Mussels are an amazing gift for any occasion. They are also the BirthElement for January and make excellent gifts for anyone with a birthday that month.


Mussel Necklace (duo) - Mixed Metal


Mussel Necklace (solo) - Golden Bronze


Mussel Earrings - Sterling Silver

How Does Wearing Mussel Shell Nature Jewelry Enhance Your Life?

A mussel talisman offers us a connection to a clear sense of our own, truest selves and can ground us with the reminder that we need not be defensive. Mussels are a magic symbol offering a deep wellspring of strength in times of transformation. 

Where to Buy Mussel Shell Nature Jewelry

Morning Moon Nature Jewelry is available in stores throughout BC as well as in the Yukon and California. And of course, you can always purchase jewelry on our website. 

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More Info About Our Mussel Shell Nature Jewelry

A talisman for protection, self exploration, and happiness.

The Creative One - Mussels remind us of our connection to the sea, to our raw power and to the vast depth and eternal calm which exist within all of us. They teach us to be strong as individuals and that as a community we are limitless in our capacity to build and create.

Facts About Mussels

Mussel is the common name used for members of several families of bivalve molluscs, both freshwater and saltwater. Many saltwater mussels are found in intertidal zones and attach themselves to solid surfaces using secreted filaments called a byssus. Freshwater mussels can be found in lakes, ponds, rivers, creeks and canals. 

Mussels have elongated, asymmetrical shells that are typically longer than they are wide. The external color of their shells is often dark blue, brown or blackish. The inside of the shell is silvery and somewhat pearlestant due to a layer of nacre. Their shell is composed of two hinged halves or “valves” that are joined together by a ligament. This is why mussels are called bivalves.

Mussels are filter feeders and live on plankton and other microscopic organisms that free-float through the water. Saltwater mussels are often found clumped together, this helps hold the mussels firmly against the waves and can also help with water retention during low tide. 

Mussel Shell Nature Jewelry Reviews

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