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Linden gives off a peaceful and loving energy. Wearing linden brings inspiration, good luck, friendship, and beauty into your life. 

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What is the Spiritual Meaning of Linden Leaf Nature Jewelry?

Linden is a symbol of peace, inspiration and unconditional love. Its heart-shaped leaves remind us that we are beings full of love and capable of kindness and compassion, towards ourselves and others. Linden is considered a symbol of good luck, fertility, abundance, beauty and friendship. Because of its influence on so many cultures, there is a wide range of symbolism attached to this beautiful tree. Linden also represents healing, protection, prosperity, truth, justice, and fidelity. 

The Healing Power of Linden Leaf Nature Jewelry

Linden reminds you to love yourself unconditionally. It teaches us to center ourselves and feel the love, kindness, and compassion within us. Full of healing power, Linden urges us to let go of any anger that we feel toward ourselves and to let go of any negative feelings we are holding onto. 

What Does Linden Teach us?

Linden's heart-shaped leaves encourage us to follow our own heart and draw strength from ourselves even when we feel overwhelmed. It teaches us the importance of peace and friendship, and reminds us to find the good in all things. 

Popular Linden Leaf Nature Jewelry Gift Ideas

Linden is a perfect gift for any occasion, especially Valentine’s Day! It is also the BirthElement for February, and makes a great gift for anyone with a birthday that month. 


Linden Leaf Necklace - Golden Bronze


Linden Leaf Earrings - Sterling Silver


Linden Pod Leaf Earrings - Sterling Silver

How Does Wearing Linden Leaf Nature Jewelry Enhance Your Life?

Linden exudes a soft, gentle energy, bringing a feeling of warmth and peacefulness along with it. Linden encourages us to love ourselves unconditionally and to follow our heart. 

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Morning Moon Nature Jewelry is available in stores throughout BC as well as in the Yukon and California. And of course, you can always purchase jewelry on our website. 

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More Info About Our Linden Leaf Nature Jewelry

A talisman for peace, inspiration, and unconditional love. 

The Guardian of Love - Viewed as a sacred tree by many cultures, people have long believed that Linden trees offer both physical and spiritual healing powers. Linden offers a peaceful and calming energy, and for many lovers its heart-shaped leaves symbolize eternal affection and deep friendship. 

Facts About Linden

Tilia is a genus that includes about 30 species of trees and bushes. In Europe, the tree is known as linden, while in North America they are referred to as basswood. In Britain and Ireland they are also called lime trees, although they are not related to citrus lime trees. Tilia trees are native throughout most of the temperate northern hemisphere with the greatest species diversity in Asia. 

Linden trees typically grow 20-40 meters tall and are recognizable by their heart shaped leaves. Their flowers have a sweet and pleasant aroma that can be used in honey production as well as in teas and tinctures. Many parts of the tree, including the flowers, leaves, wood, and charcoal can be used for medicinal purposes. Linden flowers are used in herbalism for a multitude of ailments including colds, coughs, fevers, and infections.

The wood of linden trees is fine grained and soft, making it easy to work with. It has been used by Germanic tribes for shields as well as for sculpture during the Middle Ages. It is a popular wood for intricate carvings, puppet making, and model building. Because of its ease of working and good acoustic properties it is also a popular wood for making instruments

Linden trees are important symbols in many cultures and are considered sacred by many. Playing a significant role in many early European cultures, Linden trees  show up in Slavic, Baltic, Germanic, Greek, and Roman mythology. They also make appearances in Romanian, Chinese, Egyptian, and Celtic myth and culture. Linden trees are also referenced in a wide range of literature throughout history, some references dating back thousands of years. 

Linden Leaf Nature Jewelry Reviews

Linden Leaf Nature Jewelry Customer Review

Linden Leaf Nature Jewelry Customer Review

Linden Leaf Nature Jewelry Customer Review

Linden Leaf Nature Jewelry Customer Review

Linden Leaf Nature Jewelry Customer Review

Linden Leaf Nature Jewelry Customer Review