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Our Handmade Limpet Jewelry is gorgeously detailed and full of symbolic meaning. With a comforting weight to it and a soothing texture, this pendant is sure to become your new go-to piece!

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What is the Spiritual Meaning of Limpet Shell Nature Jewelry?

Limpets are symbols of persistence, stability, and safety. They are incredibly strong and steadfast. The triangle which can be seen in the limpets architecture is a foundational part of sacred geometry. Triangles represent the point where matter and consciousness connect with the higher realms, and are also the most stable of all forms. 

The Healing Power of Limpet Shell Nature Jewelry

Limpets remind us that we are safe and protected. Limpets help guide us safely on our journeys and also help to guide us back home when needed. They remind us when it is helpful to take breaks and teach us the power of perseverance. They are a steadfast and stable creature, helping us to recognize those qualities within ourselves.  

What Does Limpet Teach us?

Limpets are unbelievably strong little creatures, they teach us that with focus and perseverance, we can carve out our own place in the world. They teach us that strength and determination are important in reaching our goals, and that by pacing ourselves we can accomplish much more. 

Popular Limpet Shell Nature Jewelry Gift Ideas

Limpets make beautiful gifts for any occasion. 

Instantly recognizable and elegantly distinctive, our Limpet jewelry is a favourite among jewelry lovers who are drawn to rare, unusual and interesting handmade jewelry. Unusual enough to be a conversation starter yet so easy to wear, they go with absolutely everything.

With its powerful lines and strong shape, the level of intricate detail on this incredible piece of jewelry will blow you away and make you want to wear it every single day.

limpet shell nature jewelry pendant necklace

 Limpet Shell Necklace - Oxidized Silver

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Limpet Shell Earrings - Sterling Silver

How Does Wearing Limpet Shell Nature Jewelry Enhance Your Life?

Wearing a Limpet Shell pendant is said to clear negativity & bring strength and renewal, which can help you conjure elemental strength and to remind you to keep going. Those who are susceptible to energies that “pull us off center” can greatly benefit from Limpet energy. 

Where to Buy Limpet Shell Nature Jewelry

Morning Moon Nature Jewelry is available in stores throughout BC as well as in the Yukon and California. And of course, you can always purchase jewelry on our website. 

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More Info About Our Limpet Shell Nature Jewelry

A talisman for persistence, safety, and stability.

The Counselor -  Limpets are a powerhouse of support! They offer lessons in pacing ourselves, persistence, focus & determination. They teach flexibility and balancing emotions. They can also assist with healthy discernment, helping to guide us safely on our journeys.

Facts About Limpets

Limpets are a type of aquatic snail. Due to the similarity in shell shape, other groups, though not in the same family, are also called limpets. True limpets live in intertidal zones on hard surfaces like rocks. Although limpets may seem cemented in place, firmly attached to rocky surfaces, they are capable of locomotion. 

While limpets move about in order to find food, they will return back to a specific “home” spot, typically when the tide goes out. Because of this, they often wear away a spot of the rock which fits the shape of their shell. This spot is called a “home scar” and it can help the limpet attach better and stop it from drying out until the next tide comes in. 

Limpets cling firmly to surfaces in order to resist strong waves and other disturbances. By using their muscular foot to apply suction, combined with their adhesive mucus, it is very difficult to remove a limpet from the surface on which it lives without injuring or killing it. 

Limpets eat algae, scraping it off of rocks using an organ called the radula. The radula is often compared to a tongue which is covered in hundreds of rows of tiny iron-mineralized teeth. The radula is unique to mollusks and is found in all molluscs apart from bivalves. The teeth on the radula of limpets, are actually the strongest biological material discovered, even outperforming spider silk.

Limpets As Food

Many species of limpets are used as food, both historically and today. Historically, particularly in times of famine and poverty, limpets were eaten in both Scotland and Ireland. Limpets were also used as bait for catching fish and crustaceans. 

By analyzing prehistoric middens, archaeologists have found that many ancient cultures, including the Greeks, Romans and the early Vikings, relied on limpets as an important food source. 

It is even believed that ancestors of modern humans also consumed limpets as part of their diet. It is thought that a diet of seafood, rich in omega fatty acids, may have helped the brain development of early humans, leading to the evolution of larger, more complicated brains of Homo Sapiens. 

Cultural Importance of Limpets 

Limpets are not only an important source of food for humans, they also have cultural significance. Across the globe, limpets shells have been used as tools, jewelry, and offerings, as well as in ceremonies, and burials. 

There are indications that limpet shells were used for scraping ochre, used to create cave paintings, between 17-26 thousand years ago in Spain. In Hawaii, they were used to grate coconut meat and to scrape skin off of sweet potatoes and taro plants. From Tasmania to Wales, limpet shells were used for drinking vessels; for measuring medicine, to drink sacramental wine, and to collect water from holy wells. 

Across the world, there is ample evidence that limpet shells were used as offerings and in other religious or spiritual contexts. In Mexico, shells can be found in the Pyramid of the Feathered Serpent, dating back to 600-900 CE. In Greece, they can be found in the sanctuary of Apollo at Delphi. In Hawaii shells were used on shrines and many families revere the limpet as a family god or “aumakua”. In Scotland, limpet shells can be found far from the sea on mountain tops near locations known to be pagan temples and places of worship. Limpet shells are often in burial sites and are found on the Channel Islands and Brittany in burial chambers, covering skeletons

Limpets have also been used as jewelry and ceremonial objects throughout the Philippines, Mexico, California, and Ireland. They are also used in art, and have long been collected, along with other seashells, to display as ornaments or for use in crafts. The “sailor’s valentine” is one such example. Brought back from sailors voyages and given to loved ones, these souvenirs were created from a collection of small seashells, including limpets. In the 1800’s dolls made from shells were also popular. In Brazil and Macaronesia, limpets are often part of miniature nativity scenes made of shells and other natural materials such as wood, clay, and dried flowers.

Limpet Shell Nature Jewelry Reviews

limpet shell nature jewelry review

limpet shell nature jewelry review