Chiton Shell Pendant Necklace

This rare ocean treasure goes effortlessly with everything and is a real conversation starter - you'll get so many compliments on this unique pendant featuring the mesmerizing texture from an actual Chiton Shell found on the sparkling shores of British Columbia’s Rugged West Coast.

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What is the Spiritual Meaning of a Chiton Shell Pendant Necklace?

Chiton is a symbol of personal transformation, personal safety, prosperity, and vision. After a personal transformation, we can open ourselves to prosperity. Chiton can give us the safety and strength to face difficult situations in order to grow, leaving old patterns behind us and allowing fresh energy to come forth.

The Healing Power of Chiton Shell Pendant Necklaces

Chiton has a true healing essence. Chiton encourages us to grow and provides us with the safety we need in order to explore and transform. Chiton brings prosperity and reminds us of our own true bravery. When we have the courage to make necessary changes we bring prosperity to our lives. 

What do Chitons Teach us?

Chiton reminds us that we are safe and that our fears do not need to control us. If we are willing to set appropriate boundaries, we can be more successful and prosperous. Chiton can help give us the strength to end difficult relationships, leave unfulfilling jobs, or re-evaluate situations that are not bringing out our best. 

Popular Chiton Shell Pendant Necklace Gift Ideas

Chiton pendants are truly one-of-a-kind. They make perfect gifts for those going through transformation or difficult periods of growth. 

Chiton Shell Pendant Necklace Golden Bronze
Chiton Shell Pendant Necklace - Golden Bronze
Chiton Shell Pendant Necklace Silver
Chiton Shell Pendant Necklace - Sterling Silver

How Does Wearing a Chiton Shell Pendant Necklace Enhance Your Life?

These unique pendants are sure to bring you a lifetime of enjoyment. Chiton pendants have a beautiful texture to them and are soothing to the touch. They also pair perfectly with any outfit and are a real conversation starter! 

Where to Buy Chiton Shell Pendant Necklaces

Morning Moon Nature Jewelry is available in stores throughout BC as well as in the Yukon and California. And of course, you can always purchase jewelry on our website. 

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More Info About Our Chiton Shell Pendant Necklaces

A talisman for personal safety, prosperity, and vision 

The Brave Friend - Chiton energy can bring about a period of great personal transformation, often opening into a period of great prosperity. Chiton energy can be useful for drawing on elemental support and divine love for finding the strength to end difficult relationships, leave unfulfilling jobs, or reevaluate situations that are not bringing out our best.

Facts About Chiton

Chitons are a type of marine mollusc. Formerly known as Amphineura, they are now sometimes referred to as sea cradles and coat-of-mail shells

Chitons have protective shells made up of eight shell plates (or valves) that overlap slightly at the front and back edges. Having the shell divided into plates, allow chiton more freedom of movement. This allows chiton to cling to uneven surfaces, and to roll up into a protective ball if dislodge from rocks. 

The chiton shell is encircled by a girdle. The girdle is a strong, flexible structure that holds the plates of the shell together. In some species the plates are either partially covered or fully covered by the girdle tissue. The girdle is often decorated with bristles, hairy tufts, spikes, spinacles or scales.

After a chiton dies the individual plates making up the shell will fall apart as the girdle no longer holds them together. Parts of the shell sometimes wash up on the shore and are referred to as butterfly shells because of their unique and unusual shape. 

Chitons live worldwide from the tropics to cold waters. They typically live on, under or in the crevices of rocks or other hard surfaces. Many species live close to the shore in intertidal or subtidal zones, while a few live in deeper water. 

Eyes Made of Stone

Chitons have one very unique feature that is worth noting. Chiton have tons of tiny light sensitive cells, called aesthetes, dotted along their shell. While these tiny “eyes” are not capable of true vision, they act in unison as a dispersed type of compound eye. While they can’t detect specific objects or images, they are able to sense changes in light which help to signal predators nearby. 

Some chitons have lens-bearing eyes known as ocelli. These eyes are able to see objects, though not in much detail. What makes them really interesting is that these eyes are made out of the same material the chitons shell is made from. Chitons eyes, or more accurately the lenses, are made of aragonite, a type of calcium carbonate, or limestone. 

Most animal lense are made from proteins, making chiton one of the only living animals, with eyes made from rock. However, because of their environment, chitons eyes are constantly being eroded away by waves and ocean debris, and must be continuously replaced as the shell grows. 

Although these eyes might seem primitive, they are actually the most recently evolved eye in any animal group. Most eyes evolved hundreds of millions of years ago. While chitons have a fossil record reaching back about 400 million years, it is only in the last 10 million years that they developed eyes.

Chiton Shell Pendant Necklace Reviews

Chiton Shell Pendant Necklace Customer Review

Chiton Shell Pendant Necklace Customer Review

Chiton Shell Pendant Necklace Customer Review