Bee Jewelry

Bee Jewelry is a lovely way to express your individual style and keep symbolism that is important to you close to your heart.

Our Bee Pendant is one of our most sought after pieces over the past 10 years. 

Do you love bees? Or maybe know someone who is a beekeeper? Maybe you love how bees symbolize co-operation and harmony. Or maybe you just adore honey? 

Whatever your reason, we think you’ll find that our Bee Pendants are incredible examples of quality and craftsmanship and that they will bring you SO MUCH JOY!


The Helpers

Bees symbolize belonging, balance, union, stability, harmony, families, community, and personal power. When we follow bees we may discover a more fruitful path that may not have been uncovered otherwise. Bees teach us that amazing achievements are possible with determined co-operation.



Our Sterling Silver Bee Pendant -  Frosted Finish

This beautiful Silver Bee Pendant is a popular everyday necklace. It has a lovely, comforting weight and can be worn with any outfit. Its cool, frosted finish is elegant and graceful. 


Our Sterling Silver Bee Pendant - Oxidized Finish

This beautiful Silver Bee Pendant has a grounding, comforting weight and whispers the slightest edginess. Wear this Bee Necklace with any outfit.


Our Golden Bee Bronze Pendant

This timeless Bee Pendant has a casual, understated, elegance to it. Our fans love the comforting weight of this piece. This piece is one of our most popular gift items.