About Morning Moon Nature Jewelry

kate shepherd as a little girl sitting by the ocean smiling


In 2001 Kate landed in Vancouver, BC following a lifelong dream to live near the ocean and make beautiful things (she'd been telling that her mom since she was four years old).

A lifelong artist, and ardent lover of nature, people and jewelry, she spent the next 6 years obsessively trying to figure out how to translate the magic and healing power of nature into beautiful jewelry that would actually make a difference in people's lives.

Today Kate's jewelry is collected by thousands of people around the world and they all say the same thing: it is truly unlike any other jewelry they have ever owned.




"Forest earrings, seashell pendants, - all of my nature inspired jewelry, is brimming with life - and is intended to connect you, with this place deep within, where joy comes from, where creativity comes from. 

Jewelry Inspired by Nature (if made with love!) has the power to remind us of that thing we seem to keep forgetting:  That we are not apart from nature! 

My wish is that my work connects you with and reminds you of, the true beauty of the world both outside and within your very own self."