About Morning Moon Nature Jewelry

kate shepherd as a little girl sitting by the ocean smiling


In 2001 Kate landed in Vancouver, BC following a lifelong dream to live near the ocean and make beautiful things (she'd been telling that her mom since she was four years old).

A lifelong artist, and ardent lover of nature, people and jewelry, she spent the next 6 years obsessively trying to figure out how to translate the magic and healing power of nature into beautiful jewelry that would actually make a difference in people's lives.

Today Kate's jewelry is collected by thousands of people around the world and they all say the same thing: it is truly unlike any other jewelry they have ever owned.


"The Earth speaks, I listen. With my heart, eyes, and mind, I gather inspiration from the natural world, from the ocean shore to forest floor, transforming it into stunning and unique jewelry that is alive with presence.

My muse is the joy that comes from celebrating a life of magnificence and gratitude, and I strive to bring the beauty, renewal, healing power, and inspiration of nature to the lives of my customers. For me, the artistry and beauty in a well-crafted piece of jewelry have a special power, reflecting enchantment back into the world. My creations are talismans of the natural world, touchstones that remind people that they are connected to something larger.

As a collector of stones, shells, leaves, and branches, I am guided by these treasures from the forests and ocean around me. Over the years, they have inspired me to recreate their patterns in the jewelry I craft. It's not that I 'make' jewelry; rather, inspiration from my environment flows through me into each piece.

These seemingly ancient pieces of fossilized rainforest – fern fronds, salal leaves, sea urchins – are as ingrained in me as they are molded into the metal. What this all adds up to is a shimmering archeology of west coast nature, part rugged and storied, part refined and elegant.

Each piece is a magical invitation to receive love, abundance, and joy, bridging the worlds of the everyday and the mystical. Reputation and integrity are paramount to me.

Over the past 18 years of doing this work based in Vancouver, BC, I have earned my reputation as an artist who thoughtfully and heartfully creates stunning and unique jewelry, alive with the presence of the emblematic species that make up the beautiful BC Coast, through excellent craftsmanship.

My pieces are a testament to the beauty of our natural world, a celebration of life's magnificence and gratitude."