Woman at ocean with arms open wide. Caption: The Soul Reorganizing Power of Spontaneous Forgiveness

The Soul Reorganizing Power of Spontaneous Forgiveness

What can happen when we let our hearts open, and tenderly venture out into the realness of the world -unencumbered (even if for only a moment) by the restraints of the holding on to the pain of the past - is that we begin to see and feel through the heart itself- and we catch a glimpse of the truth. 

What the heart sees is only the truth, the wholeness, the completeness, the perfection of what is. Warts and all. Things as they are. People as they are. Situations as they are. And the heart-achingly perfect beauty of how things are, as they are. It simultaneously sees and KNOWS all sides of the story at once and is completely in love with all of it. 

Putting ourselves in the hands of our hearts, allowing our experience to come through those eyes (instead of being filtered through our minds) opens up the opportunity for our hearts to joyfully lead us through our experience as an exquisite explosion of joy and pain, fear and love - all at once, and that is when we experience firsthand what ALIVE really means. 

I sat down and recorded this video for you after I accepted a simple, innocent invitation from life to have such an experience with my father this week.  

I don't think we can make these experiences happen, but I do know that they are all around us and that we can be on the lookout for them. And when we notice them, we can choose to simultaneously stay open to, and feel the pain AND in that moment notice what else is there, too. And then we can let the tears and the laughter tumble out of us all at once, we can breathe into this new spaciousness that we have allowed for ourselves. 

In each moment like this, something in our souls and psyches and hearts is rearranged forever - we don't have to understand it or figure out how to replicate it. It just is. And we just are. That is Love, doing its thing. You are held. Just keep going. 

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