Radical Self Care in the midst of ongoing trauma

Radical Self Care in the midst of ongoing trauma

I've noticed a theme lately.

I've been getting more and more questions from people around what jewelry talisman to wear to navigate these times. Specifically for heartache and trauma. What can we do to soothe jangled nerves, support intuition, create space around the source of all our knowings? How can we support ourselves to get through these hard times?

So I went to the jewelry and asked. I sat in front of each and every piece in the collection, and I asked one to step forward.

The Linden Leaf Pendant immediately came forward with an infinite, warm, confident, loving YES. She told me that she wants to partner with you to remember the important stuff, like being in this moment (not the next one, or the one after that) creating time to do things you love, eye contact, reading, breathing deeply, getting outside, self care, laughing, creating, sharing, enjoying.

And as soon as she jumped out at me I laughed with the knowing, of course! Linden is the perfect pendant for these times. She is an excellent talisman for soothing, calming, grounding, conjuring unconditional self love, friendship, compassion. I handcrafted her to be utterly touchable, smooth, like a weathered old worry stone, perfect for touching throughout the day in moments of uncertainty - she will bring you back to your heart, back to the now.

She will help you remember to take that walk, put down that phone, come back into this moment. She will remind you to breathe. In fact when you first get your Linden Lead Pendant you can sit down with her and tell her all the things you would like her to remind you, and ask her to remind you. You can also ask her if she has any other messages or things she wishes you to know. You can make a ritual of this, or do all this in the privacy of your own mind - whatever works for you. 

May you follow your heart, and find your treasure, 

Kate B
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