Beautiful gift wrapping that all Morning Moon pieces get sent off with. Handmade watercolour card included in every box. Like sending flowers but better, because it is Jewelry!

Like sending flowers, but better (because it 's jewelry!)

Do you have a beautiful friend in your life who you’d love to send something lovely to, to show them how you feel? Maybe she is a friend, a neighbour, your lover, your sister, your mama, your cousin, a colleague, a teacher, a family member, a counselor...someone who has shown up for you and made you feel loved?

I know there are several such people in my life, I find myself wanting to express my gratitude to them often. I love giving gifts I always have. I love the ritual of gift giving, the feeling of giving a gift, the anticipation for them to receive it, imagining their joy when opening it - everything about gift-giving makes me happy from the inside out.

You might not know this.... But I hand paint and write a personalized little watercolor card with every order....and I will ship right to your person!

This means you can have a gorgeous, handcrafted piece of beautiful nature inspired jewelry, infused with love and meaning, sent directly to your loved one with a one-of-a-kind, handpainted card that has your personal message on it, sent directly to your person!

The big box stores can’t (won’t) do that for you.

Your gift box will be beautifully wrapped and sent right to the doorstep of your loved one (no receipt or packing slip will be included in the box) - it will look and feel as if you did it all yourself!

If you ask me it’s better than sending flowers! Because jewelry will last forever (AND your loved one won’t have to clean up a slimy vase in two weeks!)

Have a lovely, gift-filled week!


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