Introducing MoonBucks! - Our amazing new rewards program!

Introducing MoonBucks! - Our amazing new rewards program!

Hello love, 

I am bursting with gratitude for you - and all my regular customers... it is an honour in this day in age to have so many repeat customers. I feel it is the highest compliment on my work and I have been wanting to find extra ways to thank you. 


And I did it right in time for the holidays so that you’ll earn a little extra reward for yourself when you do your holiday shopping on my website! (sidenote - this small business thanks you for that!) 

You can also collect 200 points on your Birthday AND you and a friend will both earn $5 when you send a friend a $5 referral coupon and they redeem it!

Signing up is easy: look for the little heart / rewards icon on the bottom left here Nature Jewelry 

Once you are signed in, you’ll be able to generate your own unique link to send $5 referrals to as many friends as you like! (you'll also get $5 when they activate their coupon!)

As usual, I am here to answer any questions you may have, so please drop me a line, any time!

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