Christmas 2020 Nature Jewelry giveaway

Help me make some magic!

Hello Friends,

I was just hit with a sparkling idea and I need your help to make it happen.

I’ve set aside 15 pieces from my line of Nature Jewelry
to give away.... 🎁

Here is my vision...

I’d like to send these anonymously to 15 women in Canada or the USA who have had a tough year who may not be receiving holiday gifts this year. Someone who needs to know she is supported and loved by magical forces of love beyond her thinking and that magic is possible and does happen!

If someone jumps into your heart as you read this, I want to know about it! Please send me your short note including

Who she is and (briefly) why her!

I’ll cover all the costs.


Please feel free to share this post, I’ll make selections on Thursday and send packages out then.
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