Healing Cedar Tea: Now you can wear AND drink your medicine

Healing Cedar Tea: Now you can wear AND drink your medicine

Hello friends, 

It has been such a time of needing to clear out the old  including purging what our bodies no longer need in terms of negative energy)

I love the cedar in our collection because it is the most perfect cedar branch I have ever come across. When I first envisioned this collection, I searched forests up and down the BC Coast for over six years to find the perfect cedar branch. I was feeling around for the tree that spoke to my heart. I knew I would know when I found it. Friends must’ve thought I was crazy - when we were out on walks together, I was steadfast about touching every cedar tree that we came across until I found the one that spoke to me. 

Read an essay I wrote about creating this cedar jewelry for you

One day I found the cedar tree that I knew would give me the collection. It spoke to me, I felt it in my heart. It asked to be made into jewelry for you, to share its gifts far and wide. And today, this is still the only tree that all the pieces in my Cedar jewellery collection comes from. 

Cedar is a powerful energy cleanser. And we wanted to share with you a recipe for making a soothing, healing Cedar Tea.  

Because it grows in cool, wet forests where many molds and fungi also thrive, Cedar creates its own powerful antimicrobials in its oils. These oils are powerful medicine to repel insects, molds, fungi, bacteria and viruses. It is also believed to promote immune function and to do a host of things to keep our tissues healthy. 

If you would like to learn more about Cedar Medicine including what Cedar symbolizes, what the spiritual meaning of cedar is, the healing properties of cedar and how to identify cedar trees, and how wearing a piece of cedar jewelry enhance your life please make sure to visit our Cedar Page !

Popular Cedar Gift Ideas While Cedar is a wonderful piece of symbolic jewelry to wear to ward off negative energy on a daily basis, Cedar is an especially powerful talisman to wear during life's difficult times. 


These are my top pics from the Cedar Collection for gifts

Cedar Leaf Earrings Small

Cedar Leaf Earrings Medium


Cedar Leaf Earrings Soaring


I hope this cedar magic finds you. 



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