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December's BIRTHelement: Cedar

December's BIRTHelement: Cedar

It is December! We are preparing for the holidays and extra time with loved ones, and as always we're grateful for all that Nature gives us over here at Morning Moon Headquarters.
Today, we are excited to share the incredible world of Cedar Leaf Nature Jewelry, a collection that is as beautiful as it is spiritually meaningful. (And make sure to read on to find out about our FREE GIFT offer until December 8th.)
CEDAR: Our Handmade Cedar Leaf Jewelry is the embodiment of Strength & Renewal

Handcrafted from the branch of a giant Western Red Cedar tree on Vancouver's North Shore, these one-of-a-kind pieces are more than just beautiful adornments—they carry the profound symbolism of cedar. Cedar, the Bringer of Peace, holds the power to clear negativity, invoke strength, and facilitate renewal. Its spiritual significance, recognized across cultures for millennia, speaks of protection, healing, and purification.

For those born in December, Cedar is your BIRTHelement—a powerful talisman symbolizing strength, renewal, and the clearing of negativity. Adorn yourself with cedar jewelry as a means to embrace peaceful thoughts, interpret messages from within, and invite positive energy into your life.

Find your BIRTHelement and SHOP our collection of handmade Cedar jewelry on our website.

Join us in honouring the ancient wisdom of cedar—wear our Handmade Ambleside Cedar Leaf Jewelry as your personal conduit to strength, renewal, and spiritual protection.

Experience the transcendent power of cedar and make this symbolic jewelry a part of your journey.

May this jewelry be a constant reminder of your resilience and the limitless renewal that surrounds us.

Browse Our Collection of Cedar Leaf Nature Jewelry

At Morning Moon, we take immense pride in curating jewelry pieces that not only enhance your beauty but also resonate with your spirit. Our Cedar Leaf Nature Jewelry collection is no exception. With its intricate designs and powerful symbolism, this collection is a celebration of the sacred energy that surrounds us.

Unlock the Spiritual Meaning of Cedar Leaf Nature Jewelry 



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