Carmen Spagnola on The Creative Genius Podcast brought to you by Morning Moon Nature Jewelry

Carmen Spagnola on The Creative Genius Podcast brought to you by Morning Moon Nature Jewelry

Morning Moon Nature Jewelry is proud to sponsor The Creative Genius Podcast, hosted by our very own Founder, Kate Shepherd 


Get out your tissues and your journals and prepare your heart to grow at least a full size - this conversation with Le Cordon Bleu trained chef, clinical hypnotherapist and Author, Carmen Spagnola is a powerfully beautiful episode.

Kate & Carmen discuss healing trauma, making ourselves available to receive, and about Carmen's truly beautiful new cookbook, The Spirited Kitchen, Recipes and Rituals for The Wheel of the Year, (which by the way is so much more than recipes for food)

We think you are going to LOVE this one.
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More about the Creative Genius Podcast

The Creative Genius Podcast (top 1% of podcasts, worldwide) is about remembering creativity is in all of us, and how our lives start to glitch when we don't let it out

Humanity is glitching™  because we have systematically cut ourselves off from healthy creative expression. Much of (if not all of) what is wrong in the world today can be resolved by healing our collective relationship with creativity, starting with ourselves.

These are candid, insightful conversations with some of the brightest creative minds and hearts of our time - I've spoken to artists, actors, award winning musicians, Emmy nominated TV writers & producers, creative psychologists, stand-up comedians, philosophers, a New York Times bestselling authorand even an Oscar nominated film director about what creativity truly is, what it wants, how it feels and moves, so that listeners everywhere can realize we all contain this garden variety magic inside. 

Join me on this brave, soulful, curious and life-changing exploration that is moving people all over the world to bravely find, activate and express the creativity that lives inside, so that we can all stop glitching.  

Give your life (and humanity) the reboot it needs

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