Golden Sunrise Scallop Shell Pendant(L)

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The Bringers of Joy

In centuries-old Hawaiian tradition, Sunrise Shells offered their wearer sacred protection and status, and were reserved for Hawaiian royalty. The only place in the world where Sunrise Scallops grow is in the magical and healing waters of the Hawaiian Islands. These exquisitely beautiful bright yellow, orange, and pink shells radiate a joyous energy and are extremely difficult to find, making them true natural treasures. Sunrise Scallop Shells are infused with Aloha Spirit, which is constant and unconditional love. They remind us to stop, to breathe, and to smile.

These are a great talisman for people working on cultivating more joy in their lives. Their magic clears the way to allow more positive thoughts to take root in our minds.

Talisman for:
Growth. Aloha Spirit. Contentedness.

Width: 31mm
Height: 30mm
Material: Bronze
Finish: Frosted
Chain: 18” 925/GP 1.5mm

Pieces in our Golden Collection are either made from exquisite Italian Brass or Bronze alloys that contains no nickel or lead. Often mistaken for gold by admirers, these lustrous metals are warm, durable, and perfect for heirlooms in the making. This pendant has been beautifully, carefully hand-polished with our frosted finish, creating a luminous lustre.