Sterling Silver Salal Leaf Earrings (L) - Frosted

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Wear a Salal #SOULTALISMAN to remind you of your own innate capacity for tenaciousness, happiness and resilience.

The Happy One - As abundant as raindrops in a rainforest, this sturdy plant grows toward the sea with fierce, happy determination. It is a symbol of prosperity, sustenance and healing. It is not surprising that Salal reminds us it’s important to do what we need to do to find our own inner zest for life. 

Talisman for:
Tenacity. Happiness. Resilience. 

Width: 18mm
Height: 25mm
Material: Silver
Finish: Frosted 

We use only the finest, nickel-free Sterling Silver in our hand-forged hooks and the earrings themselves. These earrings have been given our frosted finish - a beautiful hand polish that brings out the natural lustre and luminosity of silver.