sterling silver scallop shell earrings on a white background
golden bronze scallop shell earrings on top of a round stone
oxidized silver scallop earrings on a white background
sterling silver scallop shell earrings perched on top of a round rock on a wood grain background
golden bronze scallop shell earrings on a white background
Info about Sunrise Scallop Shell Jewelry and its symbolism. The Bringer of Joy.
Sunrise Scallop: The Bringers of Joy. Encourages: Growth. Aloha Spirit. Contentedness. Reflections & Gifts from Scallop: Imagine the clear turquoise, sparkling waters of Hawaii. Feel your own clarity, joy and contentedness sparkling within you. Blessings are on their way!

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Scallop Shell Earrings

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Growth. Rejuvenation & Joy!

Wear this beautiful, handmade Sunrise Scallop #SOULTALISMAN pendant to support you as you make your way through a journey that is perhaps more complicated than you'd anticipated - you are in the midst of an incredible metamorphosis and will reap the rewards of all your hard work soon!

The Bringers of Joy - In centuries-old Hawaiian tradition, these shells offered their wearer sacred protection. The only place in the world where Sunrise Scallops grow is in the magical and healing waters surrounding the Hawaiian Islands. These exquisitely beautiful bright yellow, orange, and pink shells radiate a joyous energy and are extremely difficult to find, making them true natural treasures. Sunrise Scallop Shells are infused with Aloha Spirit, which is constant and unconditional love. They remind us to stop, to breathe, and to smile.

These are a great talisman for people working on cultivating more joy in their lives. Their magic clears the way to allow more positive thoughts to take root in our minds. 

Talisman for:

Growth. Aloha Spirit. Contentedness.


Width: 14mm

Height: 14mm