Limpet Shell Pendant (L)
Limpet Shell Pendant (L)
Limpet Shell Pendant (L)
Limpet Shell Pendant (L)
Limpet Shell Pendant (L)
Limpet Shell Pendant (L)
Limpet Shell Pendant (L)
Limpet Shell Pendant (L)

Limpet Shell Pendant (L)

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About our Limpet Shell Pendant Necklace

This Handmade Limpet Shell pendant (bolded) is a powerful symbol of Persistence. Safety & Stability.

This instantly recognizable & elegantly distinctive Limpet Shell pendant is a favourite among jewelry lovers who are drawn to rare, unusual and interesting handmade jewelry. Unusual enough to be a conversation starter yet so easy to wear, it goes with absolutely everything.

With its powerful lines and strong shape, the level of intricate detail on this incredible piece of jewelry will blow you away and make you want to wear it every single day.

Using traditional lost wax casting methods, this Limpet Shell pendant was created using the actual textures from a limpet shell our founder, Kate Shepherd found under a coconut on the sparkling shores off Rarotonga, perfectly capturing the exquisite details of this beautiful shell so you can have its magic with you all the time.

Incredible quality & craftsmanship - this beautiful nature jewelry is intended to be handed down for generations to come.

Product Details & Materials:

Width: 27 mm 
Height: 33 mm

Available in Sterling Silver or Golden Bronze 
18 inch Sterling Silver or 14k gold filled Chain

Bonuses Included with Limpet Shell Pendant Necklace

-Each piece comes gift wrapped 
-Includes a unique Elemental Storycard outlining the symbolism of the piece. (full deck available here)

Morning Moon Nature Jewelry
 - extraordinarily handmade nature jewelry featuring actual textures from the wild, using only the finest materials. Available in either Sterling Silver or Golden Bronze, experience how our expertly handcrafted heirlooms-in-the-making will delight your senses.


What is the symbolism of an Limpet Shell Pendant?

Limpet Symbolism: Wearing a Limpet Shell pendant is said to clear negativity & bring strength and renewal, which can help you conjure elemental strength and to remind you to JUST KEEP GOING!

The Counsellor - Limpets are a powerhouse of support! They offer lessons in pacing ourselves, persistence, focus & determination. They teach flexibility and balancing emotions. They can also assist with healthy discernment, helping to guide us safely on our journeys.

Those who are susceptible to energies that “pull us off centre” can benefit from Limpet energy. 

Read more about Limpet (Patellogastropoda)

How to care for your Limpet Shell Pendant Necklace

Visit our simple and easy care Instructions for detailed instructions on how to care for your new Handmade Nature Jewelry

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