Fern Leaf Earrings (L)
Fern Leaf Earrings (L)
Fern Leaf Earrings (L)
Fern Leaf Earrings (L)
Fern Leaf Earrings (L)
Fern Leaf Earrings (L)

Fern Leaf Earrings (L)

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About our Fern Leaf Earrings

These Handmade Fern Leaf earrings are a timeless symbol of Reverie. Sincerity & Magic.

These handmade fern leaf earrings are beautiful on absolutely everyone we've seen them on.  With their lovely gentle curve they exude strength & delicateness in equal measure. 

Using traditional lost wax casting methods, these fern leaf earrings were cast from a tiny fern frond lovingly gathered in a magical clearing in one of British Columbia’s many rugged West Coast Forest trails. 

One of the most popular pieces in our entire collection of Nature Jewelry. 

Wear these Fern leaf earrings to remind you of the ancient wisdom deep within you, always unfurling.

Incredible quality & craftsmanship - this beautiful nature jewelry is intended to be handed down for generations to come.

Product Details & Materials:

Width: 15mm 
Height: 53mm 

Available in Sterling Silver or Golden Bronze

Bonuses Included with Fern Leaf Earrings

-Each piece comes gift wrapped 
-Includes a unique Elemental Storycard outlining the symbolism of the piece. (full deck available here)

Morning Moon Nature Jewelry
 - extraordinarily handmade nature jewelry featuring actual textures from the wild, using only the finest materials. Available in either Sterling Silver or Golden Bronze, experience how our expertly handcrafted heirlooms-in-the-making will delight your senses.


What is the symbolism of an Fern Leaf Earrings?

Scientific Name: Polypodiopsida 

Fern Symbolism: Wearing a fern leaf pendant or fern jewelry is said to bring about a sense of magic and help with meditation & imagination

The Ancient Wanderer The energy of these Ferns is a union of Ancient, Primordial Wisdom with Present Moment Unfurling - in so much harmony with what we are undergoing together and as individuals in this current time on Earth.

Read more about fern Polypodiopsida

How to care for your Fern Leaf Pendant Necklace

Visit our simple and easy care Instructions for detailed instructions on how to care for your new Handmade Nature Jewelry

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