sterling silver chiton shell necklace on white background
golden bronze chiton shell necklace on white background
"headed for our vault. Limited quantities available" Oxidized silver chiton shell pendant on top of small round rock
Chiton: The Brave Friend.  Image describing the symbolism of chiton.  #soultalismans
three chiton shell pendants side by side, sterling silver, golden bronze, and oxidized silver, sitting atop a round stone.
person wearing silver chiton necklace with a white, button-up top
sterling silver chiton necklace sitting atop a round stone
golden chiton necklace sitting atop a round stone
"headed for our vault. Limited quantities available" Oxidized silver chiton shell pendant necklace on white background
Chiton: The Brave Friend. Encourages safety, prosperity, vision. Image describing the symbolism of chiton.

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Chiton Shell Pendant

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About our Chiton Shell Pendant Necklace

This Handmade Chiton Shell pendant is an iconic symbol of personal transformation and prosperity

Soft, utterly touchable edges are soothing to touch throughout the day. This rare ocean treasure goes effortlessly with everything and is a real conversation starter - you'll get so many compliments on this unique pendant featuring the mesmerizing texture from an actual Chiton Shell found on the sparkling shores of British Columbia’s Rugged West Coast.

A truly one-of-a-kind pendant, sure to bring you a lifetime of enjoyment. 

Incredible quality & craftsmanship - this pendant is intended to be handed down for generations to come. 

Product Details & Materials:

Width: 14mm
Height: 23mm

Available in Sterling Silver or Golden Bronze 
18 inch Sterling Silver or 14k gold filled Chain

Bonuses Included with Chiton Shell Pendant Necklace

-Each piece comes gift wrapped 
-Includes a unique Elemental Storycard outlining the symbolism of the piece. (full deck available here)

Morning Moon Nature Jewelry
 - extraordinarily handmade nature jewelry featuring actual textures from the wild, using only the finest materials. Available in either Sterling Silver or Golden Bronze, experience how our expertly handcrafted heirlooms-in-the-making will delight your senses.


What is the symbolism of wearing a Chiton Shell Pendant or Chiton Jewelry?

Scientific Name:  Loricates

Chiton Symbolism: Wearing a Chiton shell pendant is said to symbolize personal safety, prosperity & vision.

The Brave Friend - Chiton energy can bring about a period of great personal transformation, often opening into a period of great prosperity. Chiton energy can be useful for drawing on elemental support and divine love for finding the strength to end difficult relationships, leave unfulfilling jobs, or reevaluate situations that are not bringing out our best.

Read more about Chiton.

How to care for your Chiton Shell Pendant Necklace

Visit our simple and easy care Instructions for detailed instructions on how to care for your new Handmade Nature Jewelry

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