Nautilus Shell Pendant

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Wear this beautiful, handmade Nautilus #SOULTALISMAN pendant to remind you that you do not need to continue to inhabit spaces you have outgrown, and use the wisdom of the past to steady & guide you to move onwards & upwards!

The Journeyer

The beautiful, mysterious and clever Nautilus has been around for 500 million years. This nocturnal creature spends most of its life in the deepest, inky black depths of the sea. As Nautiluses grow, they create new chambers in their beautiful, mother of pearl-lined shells, sealing off the previous ones as they are no longer needed, reminding us to grow ever forward in our own evolution. Nautilus symbolize harmonic, proportionate growth that maximizes an organism's efficiency for thriving in its surroundings. 

Talisman for:
Growth. Rejuvenation. Adaptability.

Width: 13mm
Height: 17mm
Chain: 18"