Golden Starfish Earrings (L)

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Wear a Starfish #SOULTALISMAN to help you align with the energy of regeneration and bring magic and healing into your life.

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The Wayfarer

Starfish signify spiritual truth and regeneration. They offer guidance, vigilance, inspiration, brilliance and intuition. Wearing a starfish can support us to smoothly navigate bumpy situations and difficult transitions. When a starfish comes into our lives, we can expect a period of healing & regeneration.

Talisman for:
Growth. Rejuvenation. Adaptability.

Width: 25mm
Height: 21mm
Material: Bronze
Finish: Frosted


Pieces in our Golden Collection are either made from exquisite Italian Brass or Bronze alloys that contains no nickel or lead. Often mistaken for gold by admirers, these lustrous metals are warm, durable, and perfect for heirlooms in the making. They come on 14k gold-filled hooks (Sterling Silver core enrobed in high amount of gold) which means they are excellent quality - you can trust that they will not tarnish. An excellent choice for a person with metal allergies.


These earrings feature our frosted finish - they been beautifully, carefully hand polished to bring out the lustre and luminosity of the bronze.