Golden Poppy Pendant

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The Dreamers’ Companion

Poppies may seem soft and fragile, yet when it comes down to it, they are strong survivors. Their first order of business in coming to life is creating a solid and gorgeous pod to house their seeds and ensure their successful future. They allow themselves to flirtatiously bend and sway in the breeze, yet they always seem to have a secret seriousness about them perhaps because of the potent medicine they hold.

Poppies can bring about deep, restorative sleep and help us connect with the dream world. Poppies teach us to rest when we need to, because some of the answers we seek can only be found in our dreams, not in our waking lives. 

Talisman for:
Restful Sleep. Recovery. Dreaming.

Width: 17mm
Height: 34mm
Material: Bronze
Finish: Frosted
Chain: 18” 925/GP 1.5mm

Pieces in our Golden Collection are either made from exquisite Italian Brass or Bronze alloys that contains no nickel or lead. Often mistaken for gold by admirers, these lustrous metals are warm, durable, and perfect for heirlooms in the making. This pendant has been beautifully, carefully hand-polished with our frosted finish, creating a luminous lustre.