Golden Mussel Shell Earrings

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The Creative One

Mussels remind us of our connection to the sea, to our raw power and to the vast depth and eternal calm which exist within all of us. They teach us to be strong as individuals and that as a community we are limitless in our capacity to build and create.

A mussel talisman offers us a connection to a clear sense of our own, truest selves and can ground us with the reminder that we need not be defensive. Mussels are a magic symbol offering a deep wellspring of strength in times of transformation.

Talisman for:
Protection. Self Exploration. Happiness.

Width: 13mm
Height: 25mm
Material: Bronze
Finish: Frosted

Pieces in our Golden Collection are either made from exquisite Italian Brass or Bronze alloys that contains no nickel or lead. Often mistaken for gold by admirers, these lustrous metals are warm, durable, and perfect for heirlooms in the making. They come on 14k gold-filled hooks (Sterling Silver core enrobed in high amount of gold) which means they are excellent quality - you can trust that they will not tarnish. An excellent choice for a person with metal allergies.

These earrings feature our frosted finish - they been beautifully, carefully hand polished to bring out the lustre and luminosity of the bronze.