Golden Bee Pendant

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Wear this #SOULTALISMAN pendant to cultivate communication, balance, union, stability, harmony, & personal power. 

The Helpers - Bees symbolize belonging, balance, union, stability, harmony, families, community, and personal power. When we follow bees we may discover a more fruitful path that may not have been uncovered otherwise. Bees teach us that amazing achievements are possible with determined co-operation.

Talisman for - Communication. Cooperation. Self-discovery 

Width: 25mm
Height: 17mm
Material: Bronze
Finish: Frosted
Chain: 18 in

Pieces in our Golden Collection are either made from exquisite Italian Brass or Bronze alloys that contains no nickel or lead. Often mistaken for gold by admirers, these lustrous metals are warm, durable, and perfect for heirlooms in the making. This pendant has been beautifully, carefully hand-polished with our frosted finish, creating a luminous lustre.