Sterling Silver Ginkgo Leaf Earrings - Oxidized

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The Wise Elder

Ginkgo trees are considered symbols of enduring love and hope as they can live for thousands of years. Ginkgo (sometimes spelled gingko) has a botanical history spanning 270 million years, making it the world’s oldest surviving tree species.

Another one of Ginkgo’s hallmarks is its remarkable resistance to disease and stress. Considered by many to possess regenerative healing powers, Ginkgo is often associated with longevity & resilience.

Talisman for:
Resilience. Healing. Longevity.

Width: 24mm
Height: 19mm
Material: Silver
Finish: Oxidized


We use only the finest, nickel-free Sterling Silver in our hand-forged hooks and the earrings themselves. These earrings have been given our oxidized finish -  where we recreate the natural antiquing process of silver which accentuates the tender, fine and exquisite details in the texture of the earrings.