Fern Frond Golden Earrings (L)

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The Ancient Wanderer

An ancient family of plants that graced the earth before the dinosaurs! Within its fronds it contains the ancient formula for the endless unfurling into our infinite selves.


When I first envisioned these earrings, I had the sense that they would be very special, like maybe they’d turn out to be one of my most important creations. That was five years ago. 

That they are finally here, in form, and ready to go out into the world at THIS time brings something deep inside of me to my knees in the best possible way. 

The energy of these Ferns is a union of Ancient, Primordial Wisdom with Present Moment Unfurling - in so much harmony with what we are undergoing together and as individuals in this current time on Earth.

The response to these has been vibrant and rich.
It is an honour to create theses things of beauty, imbued with the ancient wisdom and energy medicine of these plants for you. My intention is to offer you these pieces as talismans connecting you to the source of this wisdom inside your very own self.

Thank you for loving them and for supporting my work and for treating yourself to these. You are sparking something. 

Talisman for:
Reverie. Sincerity. Magic.

Width: 15mm
Height: 53mm
Material: Brass
Finish: Frosted

We use only the finest, nickel-free Sterling Silver and 14k yellow gold in our hand-forged hooks and the earrings themselves are a beautiful Brass.